Dwight Looks Like A Serial Killer In Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 First Photos

A month ago, it was revealed another former character of The Walking Dead would be making his way onto Fear The Walking Dead. Dwight was coming back into the franchise. Now, the first picture of the character from the upcoming Season 5 has emerged, and homeboy is looking straight-up like an ax murderer. Check out Dwight and the serial killer vibes he's giving off in these first photos from the new season.

Dwight Austin Amelio Fear The Walking Dead AMC

Damn, did those burn scars he got from Negan in Season 7 of The Walking Dead get more infected or something? Whatever happened there, Dwight has a look in his eye like he's been through hell and back in the time since Daryl exiled him. Not to say he'd look any less crazy with that ax over his shoulder if he were smiling, as he definitely looks like a man hell-bent on doing anything it takes to accomplish his mission.

So, what has Dwight looking all murdery? We're not entirely sure, but we do know the former Walking Dead character is on a mission to find his wife Sherry, who's been missing for a hot minute. Here's hoping he accomplishes that goal, mainly because the thought of what he'd do if he thought she was dead -- paired with that picture -- is horrifying. Also, even if Dwight has never been the world's greatest human being, everyone deserves a post-apocalyptic John and Laura relationship.

John Laurie Fear The Walking Dead AMC

Love is a powerful thing, and if Dwight manages to find Sherry, there's a chance he'll be more of a hero going forward. Actor Austin Amelio told Comicbook.com his mission to find his wife exists within his want to "put some good back into the world." If that's the case, it's possible Dwight is already on that journey and this may be a more redemptive story arc for the character than that Fear The Walking Dead picture implies.

Dwight will be the second character from The Walking Dead to come onto Fear The Walking Dead. Speaking of which, it appears Morgan has some other things going on. He may not be concerned about what's happening with Dwight and may not even make contact. He also could be facing him in this new picture now, and preparing to beat him down before he tries to lie and manipulate his way into the group:

Alicia Morgan Fear The Walking Dead AMC

Dwight and Morgan didn't have much to do with each other on The Walking Dead, but perhaps that could change in Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead. It's also possible the two won't see each other often or at all, as the AMC series has been unafraid to keep characters and their stories away from each other.

Audiences will see how it all goes down when Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on AMC later this year. There's plenty of television to watch in the meantime, so be sure to visit our midseason premiere guide to see what else is on.

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