Wendy Williams Is Reportedly Scared She'll Lose Her Show As Guest Hosts Thrive

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Talk show host Wendy Williams is reportedly concerned that she will lose her program in the wake of her various guest hosts’ thriving performances. Williams is currently taking a hiatus from hosting her syndicated daytime talk show, and has been off-camera since December. Following the positive responses to the temp guest hosts, an insider has shared Williams' concerns.

An alleged show insider revealed the long-time host’s reported concerns to Page Six, saying that she's "super scared and anxious," and that watching Nick Cannon's success with her studio audience has not been an easy thing for Williams to watch. It was also stated that the show's format is starting to change, and Wendy Williams doesn't appear to be too comfortable watching "her baby" get messed with.

Despite her alleged worries, however, Wendy Williams does not have plans to return to her show right now. It is currently unclear how much longer her hiatus will last, but it was heavily indicated that she is just not ready to make her TV return yet.

Guest hosts are currently slated to continue filling in on The Wendy Williams Show up to and through February 15. Earlier this month, guest host Nick Cannon gave Wendy Williams’ audience an update on how she's been doing, relaying that he had talked with Williams and that she “wanted to speak as a family unit.” He let everyone know that she and her family are “all good.”

Fans are no doubt wondering when Wendy Williams will return to host The Wendy Williams Show, but it appears only time will tell. Considering that guest hosts are booked through mid-February, she is unlikely to jump back into hosting before that.

The last year has been a tumultuous one for Wendy Williams, as well as for popular daytime talk show. In January, she announced she would be taking an extended break due to health complications surrounding her Graves’ disease diagnosis, along with a shoulder injury she sustained in December 2018.

Wendy Williams had previously taken a separate hiatus from her show in February 2018, following her diagnosis of Graves’ disease. After she'd injured her shoulder in 2018, she had a particularly questionable interview where her words were heard to be slurred, and Williams publicly apologized to fans if they felt that day’s show was “less than stellar.” She went on to explain that she had hosted the show while on painkillers, attributing that to the episode’s quality.

Before Wendy Williams' more recent breaks from TV hosting, she underwent a very frightening moment live on-air in October 2017. She was in the midst of hosting her show’s Halloween episode dressed as the Statue of Liberty, and staggered backward with her right hand reaching for her head. She then appeared to pass out, collapsing slightly off-camera. Incredibly, Williams returned after a commercial break and continued hosting the episode, claiming her collapse was because she was overheated in her costume.

Hopefully, Wendy Williams will be able to make her return to daytime soon. It is nice that she has popular guest hosts to back her up until she is ready to return, but one assumes the point of all that wasn't to make her feel too pressured to make her way back to the show before she feels prepared too.

In the meantime, The Wendy Williams Show and many other shows will be airing new episodes throughout the midseason. Check your local listings for when new episode of The Wendy Williams Show airs.

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