Manifest Season 2: Matt Long Shares His Hopes For Zeke

Matt Long as Zeke in Manifest Season 1 on NBC

Manifest Season 1 ends with Episode 16, "Estimated Time of Departure" on February 18. Then what? Well, as the sun now stands, NBC has yet to officially renew Manifest for Season 2. It seems crazy not to renew it, since it started out breaking records for the network and millions of fans are hooked on the ongoing mysteries. So let's assume NBC is about to renew it at any moment, maybe even before you read this post.

Matt Long plays Zeke Landon, who literally fell headfirst into the time jump mystery in Episode 12. The past few episodes have helped fans get to know Zeke a bit, as he's been spending a lot more time with Michaela. (Too much time for Jared's liking, but that's his problem.) Speaking to me in early February, Long had no idea whether NBC was about to renew Manifest or not. But he shared his hopes for Zeke in a theoretical Season 2:

I mean, I'd love to continue to tell the guy's story. I love that he's so ingrained in the story already, and with the family and Michaela and the mystery of the show. I'd love to get him back outside again, because I'm a big outdoorsman myself and I just love being outside. And I thought that was an interesting sort of journey we went on together. I don't know if we will get back to that.

When Manifest introduced Zeke, he told Michaela, Cal, Ben, and Grace Stone that had taken shelter in a cave during a blizzard two weeks ago. However, that two weeks for him was a full year ago for everyone else. So that showed that Zeke had his own time jump, smaller but similar to the 5-year time jump of the Flight 828 passengers.

In Episode 13, Zeke and Michaela spent some alone time together, and Michaela heard about Zeke's guilt from the death of his younger sister Chloe, who died in the same area.

Matt Long hopes for more moments like that to continue Zeke's story in Season 2.

I love the scene with the history of his life. I thought his backstory was really powerful, having to do with his sister and also with the rest of his family and his struggle with addition. I think all that stuff adds a lot of layers to the character and makes him more interesting and compelling to watch. And also, already I've been really fortunate to play a pretty important role in the mystery of the show, and he continues to do that in the [final Season 1] episodes. And I hope, and I think, that he will continue to do that in the second season.

Matt Long already warned us about multiple cliffhangers in the Season 1 finale, so there will be a lot of storylines to pick up in the 2019-2020 season, assuming NBC gives us a Season 2 and launches it this fall.

Matt Long also told CinemaBlend he doesn't know what the future might hold for Zeke in terms of a relationship with Micheala, but he thinks it's pretty obvious Mick would be better with Zeke than Jared. Long named Michaela his favorite Manifest character, besides Zeke, and said Melissa Roxburgh has been his favorite co-star to work with so far on the show.

As we wait for official word on Manifest Season 2, catch upon the 16 episodes of Season 1 -- starting with the pilot episode introducing Montego Air Flight 828 on September 24, 2018 and ending with the cliffhangers of Episode 16 on Monday, February 18 on NBC. Here's what else is airing on TV during midseason 2019.

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