NCIS: New Orleans Fans Will Learn A Lot More About One Character Soon

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NCIS isn't the only show that gets to feature more background on characters it doesn't often highlight, as its spinoff is also going to get in on the fun. NCIS: New Orleans is not long off from detailing the background of another one of its characters, as Necar Zadegan's Hannah Khoury will soon have a bit of her past resurface. Read up on the synopsis for an episode due to air March 5, and what it will reveal:

"Survivor" - After an elusive terrorist with a personal vendetta against Hannah resurfaces, she is placed in protective custody with her family while the NCIS team searches for the suspect's whereabouts.

This terrorist with an ax to grind will presumably lead to a Hannah-centric episode, where NCIS: New Orleans will get a chance to answer questions fans may have wondered prior to now. Namely, TVLine revealed the episode will show why Hannah has been wary to go back into her family life, and why she kept her distance from others when she first arrived on the team. To those who are fans of Hannah, this isn't an episode to be missed.

NCIS: New Orleans fans will also get to see more of Hannah Khoury in mom mode, which isn't something the series has done a lot of. In all fairness, Necar Zadegan's character hasn't been a part of the show for all that long, so it's not like any answers that are coming are past due. Even if major reveals aren't uncovered on Hannah's life, we'll at least find out how she pissed off a terrorist?

The terrorist could be from just about anywhere, given Hannah Khoury's 15 years in the field. Though she's of Persian descent, she's spent most of her tenure having traveled the world, so there's no telling what trouble she's stirred for what terrorist organizations over the years. It's possible she may not even know at the start, although life-threatening situations always tend to get memories jogging pretty quickly on these types of shows.

It's been an exciting time for Hannah as of late, as a recent episode showed an old colleague of hers surface and then vanish with another assignment that was so urgent he couldn't even leave a proper goodbye. It's possible that reunion is somehow tied to this new terrorist threat, and Liam may resurface whenever this new problem arrives on NCIS: New Orleans. Otherwise, what was the point in him showing up and then scooting off like that?

NCIS: New Orleans airs on CBS Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET. Keep tabs on all new television arriving in the coming weeks by heading over to our midseason premiere guide, which is still loaded with lots of shows worth checking out.

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