Watch Steve Carell Surprise The Heck Out Of Former Office Co-Star Jenna Fischer

An Office reunion recently went down between two of the original actors, and it was as hilarious as it is sweet. That is a rare combination,˜ but Busy Tonight managed to pull it off. Jenna Fischer was a guest on Busy Philipps’ E! talk show when Steve Carell surprised the heck out of his former co-star. Fast forward to the 2-minute-30-second mark to see the big moment below:

Wow! What a great surprise! Jenna Fischer’s reaction is priceless. Surprises will never not be great. Case in point: this video. Steve Carell startling and pleasantly surprising Fischer was the grand finale of Fischer’s unboxing extravaganza. Before Carell was unboxed, Fischer opened three other gifts. Each of them from another of her co-stars from The Office.

The first was a jar of raisin crisps from Ellie Kemper, who played Erin on the NBC comedy. Jenna Fischer revealed that she and Kemper enjoyed the snack when they were on The Office set. The second gift was a bread shirt from Angela Kinsey (also Angela). Apparently, Fischer loves bread to the point her husband has talked to her about it.

In the third box, which marked the penultimate gift before Steve Carell’s present of his presence, was a banjo. Said gift was from Ed Helms (Andy), who plays the instrument. Then it came down to the big one, literally. One more time for posterity! Here is Jenna Fischer’s reaction to Carell’s surprise in GIF form:

Busy Tonight Steve Carrel Jenna Fischer Busy Philipps

(Image credit: Busy Tonight/E! Entertainment)

What is excellent about Jenna Fischer’s response is that after she settled down from the shock, her face moved into the most poignant expression. She even started to cry. I’m not sure if that was from the stress of the past few seconds washing over her or being moved by the sight of her former co-star. Either explanation works.

It has not been a super long time since Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer shared the screen. A few months ago, Fischer along with Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, and Nancy Carell appeared for a skit on Saturday Night Live. The goal? To convince Carell to do an Office reboot. Carell weighed in with his thoughts on the proposition.

Fans will recall that Pam and Michael shared a unique bond on The Office. In Michael’s final episode, Pam showed up at the airport to say goodbye at the last minute.

Viewers were not able to know what Pam said to Michael since he had taken his mic pack off. Jenna Fischer has subsequently filled fans in. Clearly, these are two co-stars who still share a sweet friendship and the ability to keep surprising each other!

You can catch up on The Office via Netflix. New episodes of Busy Tonight air Mondays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET on E! The talk show is among those airing new this midseason.

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