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Halt And Catch Fire And Invasion's Lisa Sheridan Is Dead At 44

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A television actress who's had roles in shows like AMC's Halt And Catch Fire and ABC's Invasion has tragically passed away. Actress Lisa Sheridan died on Monday morning in her apartment in New Orleans. She was 44 and, as of writing, the circumstances behind her death are unknown.

While Lisa Sheridan's cause of death is still being investigated, her manager is trying to keep one false narrative from spreading. People reported that her manager and family "unequivocally" confirmed the death was not a suicide, and said that claims maintaining otherwise are false. A coroner's report is currently underway to determine what happened to Sheridan.

Born in Macon, Georgia, Lisa Sheridan first discovered her love of theater at age 11. She went on to study at Carnegie Mellon University, and graduated with honors and a scholarship for the most promising student actor. After school her passion led her to Moscow, where she performed in fringe theater for a time before moving to Los Angeles.

Lisa Sheridan's television career was extensive, with many perhaps recognizing her for her run as Larkin Groves on ABC's Invasion. Sheridan did a lot of guest roles on television following that, with stints on shows like Halt And Catch Fire, CSI: Miami, The Fosters, and Scandal. Her last noted television appearance was said to be in TNT's Murder In The First, in an episode that aired in 2016.

While her first role in Hollywood came via an appearance on Step By Step. it wasn't until she was cast in the UPN series Legacy that Sheridan really broke out in Hollywood. The series didn't last long, and Sheridan moved on until she landed in the equally short-lived show Freakylinks. Once her time on that was up, Sheridan went back to guest roles on television for a few years until she got the role in Invasion.

Lisa Sheridan's death was mourned by folks around Hollywood, namely those who had worked with her in projects. Among them was former Baywatch actress Donna D’Errico, who worked with Sheridan on an independent film in 2005. D'Errico eulogized Sheridan on her Facebook page, and talked about their relationship and the impact Sheridan had on her life.

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D'Errico and others who eulogized her made mention of some darker times, which may be why her agent had to dismiss the notion of her death being tied to suicide. Filmmaker Michael Dunaway mentioned in his post that she had struggled over the past few years, Dunaway didn't get more specific than that, but did say he was trying to take solace in knowing her "struggles and pain and grief" are behind her.

CinemaBlend would like to offer condolences to the family and friends of Lisa Sheridan, and wish them well during this trying time.

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