Whiskey Cavalier's Scott Foley Reveals Surprising Choice For Worst On-Screen Kiss

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For years, actor Scott Foley was a dashing member of the cast of ABC's Scandal, and he stuck with the network for his latest project, the romance-tinged action-drama Whiskey Cavalier. There, he'll be mixing it up with co-star Lauren Cohan, and viewers will no doubt want to see their two characters hooking up before too long. As such, it seems like the perfect time for Foley to reflect on more awkward TV experiences, such as his worst on-screen kiss.

While appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Scott Foley took part in host Andy Cohen's ridiculous game "Holey Moley, Scott Foley," which involved him answering a series of personal and potentially embarrassing questions about his career's past. When asked about his worst on-screen kiss, Foley took little time in coming up with this name:

Tyra Banks. [In] Felicity. She was just not into it. I think it was her first on-screen kiss, and I was so excited about it. But it was a lot bigger than it needed to be or should have been. Which isn’t always bad, but most of them are great. Ah, she’s gonna kill me.

At that point, Andy Cohen opened his mouth extremely wide and asked Scott Foley if that was how Tyra Banks approached the kiss, to which Foley bemusedly agreed. Some people might have felt awkward to go on TV and put someone else's TV kissing skills on blast, but Foley doesn't look like he gets nervous or awkward about doing anything. (More on that in a bit.)

Tyra Banks showed up on Felicity for a three-episode stint during Season 3. She played Jane Scott, a temporary apple of the eye of Noel Crane, Scott Foley's character. Becoming attracted to Jane after fixing her computer and learning more about her interests, Noel sets up a series of "coincidental" meet-ups so that he can spend more time with Jane, who's not so into it at first.

By her third episode, though, Noel and Jane bonded a bit, despite her having another love interest, and one particular sequence set them up in the bedroom for an evening of scantily clad hijinks. Naturally, this was where Noel and Jane shared their first kiss, which means it's where Scott Foley and Tyra Banks obviously also locked lips.

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Now, it's not guaranteed that the kiss above was indeed their very first one, considering the scene likely went through multiple takes before the final shot was decided upon. They did do some more smooching while laid out in the bed, though that didn't last too long.

Just before anything too heavily sexual went down, Noel confessed that he had been basically stalking Jane through reading her emails, at which point she threw him out. Perfectly natural reaction on her part.

One wonders what Tyra Banks would do with Scott Foley if he'd drop this non-complimentary admission on her in the heat of a passionate exchange. I mean, he's married, so there would be more complications than just the on-screen kiss confession, but still.

How about a couple more fun facts about good ol' Scott Foley? When asked if he'd ever had sex in his actor's trailer, Foley immediately said, "Yes," and agreed it was on multiple occasions. He also laughed when admitting that he has passed gas on the set of a project while hoping no one else would notice. Scott Foley is human, y'all, just like us.

Felicity fans can currently stream the full series on Hulu, with Tyra Banks popping up in the first chunk of Season 3. Meanwhile, Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan will be chasing criminals and making quips this midseason on ABC's Whiskey Cavalier every Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m., just after American Idol.

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