Yes, American Idol's Margie Mays Is As Wild On Twitter As She Is On TV

American Idol's second season premiere on ABC has come and gone, with many talented competitors that deserve to get a mention around the proverbial water cooler. One hopeful deserves the first and foremost mention, however. For those that missed it, she goes by the name of Margie Mays, and you can check out her incredibly high-energy audition that's backed up by an immensely impressive voice.

Few American Idol fans would likely argue that Margie Mays' behavior was a bit extra, but anyone assuming no performance could excuse her wildness were eating crow soon after she started to sing. It's not crazy to think that Margie Mays is already an early top contender for this season.

With that said, one does have to wonder how genuine Mays' weird noises, the box above the head, and all the other unique moments from her audition were. Is this girl legit, or was that all just an act to make primetime television quirkier? Either way, it worked for me.

American Idol faithful will ultimately decide for themselves, but a quick look at the songstress' Twitter page makes it hard to believe Margie Moos is anything but legit. She has been just as wild, hilarious, and goofy on social media as she appeared on ABC in front of the Idol judges, and it's pretty great. For those who like enthusiastic smell-based tweets:

Hopefully this wasn't the dog that she was referring to in the tweet above. (And not only because more than four years have passed between the posts.)

That's just a taste of the Margie Mays experience American Idol fans, and is just a taste of what things may slip out of her mouth as Season 2 progresses. For the record, Mays elaborated and said she was specifically referring to a Costco hot dog in the above tweet. Anybody's who's scarfed down those budget-friendly dogs can relate.

Of course, all manner of people these days tweet random things. It's the byproduct of being a generation raised on memes and reality television, and the older generations that get confused by it have only themselves to blame for not spending all available free time reading up on a constantly changing culture. With that said, even when Margie Mays isn't trying to be funny in a tweet, it's actually still hilarious.

Girl, if your mom is choking in the next room, maybe check on her well being before roasting her on Twitter!

Margie Mays loves her family, of course, and they all only heard muffled screams on the other side of the American Idol audition door along with Ryan Seacrest. As audiences learned earlier in the episode from VoKillz's performance, such screams don't always mean positive things. Plus, Mays seems like she'd be pretty loud a lot of the time, so her family might have mistaken it for her having a normal conversation.

Speaking of forms of communication:

Even if she is high energy, it's hard not to get in Margie Mays' corner. Beyond the caffeine, there's a truly unique and talented individual who's bound to make the rest of the competition on American Idol try just a bit harder. It's good to know she's honest and not compromising and trying to be someone else, even if that honesty is sometimes a bit more extreme than the norm.

Keep up with Margie Mays and the rest of the American Idol Season 2 hopefuls on ABC every Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, and catch another round of auditions on Wednesday, March 6, at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on what's coming to television in the coming weeks, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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