Deadpool 2's Average X-Force Guy Has An A+ Twitter

Peter in Deadpool 2

The awesome new trailer for this summer's Deadpool 2 overloads on super-powered beings, some from our modern era, and even one -- Cable (Josh Brolin) -- from a war-torn future. And then there's Peter. Who? We're not sure. Played by Rob Delaney, Peter has no super powers. He dresses conservatively, wears a trim mustache, and answered Deadpool's advertisement for help. Thankfully, he's on social media, and has been busy Tweeting, now that this trailer has turned him into an instant sensation:

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Fox planned for the "Peter Invasion," and prepared this hilarious parody account on behalf of the new character, who better be a massive part of David Leitch's Deadpool 2. From what we can tell, he has a fascination with... bees? Not really what I would have expected, but Peter bills himself as a professional apiarist, and posts a LOT of bad "honey" puns.

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The other thing that Peter loves, almost as much as bees? Susan. I think Susan is his wife. He talks about her constantly, though I didn't comb over every single Tweet. He doesn't like if you try to get fresh with Susan. In fact, Peter tries to shy away from anything that might be edgy or controversial.

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But Peter might be agile in battle. Especially if he and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) can pull off this routine, which he has been practicing with Susan.

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This humor is so perfectly in line with Rob Delaney's own semi-delusional Twitter account, so it's great to see him bring a little of his levity to Peter, and Deadpool 2. The sequel sure doesn't lack for punchlines, though, as the recent trailer overdoses on meta pop-culture shenanigans such as Thanos gags, Goonies references and the bomb-tastic LL Cool J song choice, screaming, "Don't call it a comeback..."

Deadpool 2 roars into theaters on May 18, going toe to toe with Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Those movies will likely be successful. But do you know what they don't have, which Deadpool 2 does? Peter.

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