Arrow Star Has Us Thinking That Major Character Probably Didn't Die After All

Warning: This story contains spoilers for last night’s episode of Arrow entitled “Brothers and Sisters.”

One major character on Arrow may not be dead after all. At least, one of the show’s stars has made fans think it may be possible that his character survived. Ricardo Diaz supposedly died by fire. His portrayer, actor Kirk Acevedo, has shared a video teasing the outcome of his character's ultimate fate. Watch it via the tweet below:

He has a point about dragons and their relationship with fire. The behind-the-scenes Arrow video Kirk Acevedo shared does not reveal anything for sure. Considering the manner in which Ricardo Diaz was seemingly killed, his coming back from the dead would take a miracle.

The character is currently presumed dead. In the episode, gasoline was doused in his cell via sprinkler and the unseen individual responsible then threw a lighter in, and he was seemingly consumed by flames. Thus, leading the audience to draw the conclusion that he was likely burned to death. This is Arrow though, and stranger things have been known to happen. The show did not explicitly portray him dying.

If Ricardo Diaz were not going to rise from the ashes, why tease it? It seems entirely feasible that Kirk Acevedo may be in the know about a potential plot twist. Plus, when things are not explicitly confirmed on-screen, there is always a chance, there is another twist waiting in the wings – a dragon’s wings.

It is interesting that Arrow had him seemingly die by fire, considering his nickname. Was it the show giving him the fate he had made others suffer at his hand? Or was it a sign that, like dragons, Diaz is destined to survive the fire? There is another possibility as well.

Ricardo Diaz, like Laurel Lance, could come back via that handy Earth-2 situation. That mechanism has been used to bring back incarnations of other characters, so why not Diaz? Given the reaction some fans had to his possible exit, there is an argument for Earth-2 Diaz to make an entrance.

As of now, Ricardo Diaz’s ultimate fate is a mystery, which could wear on for another week at the least. Perhaps Arrow will turn its focus towards revealing who was behind the attack on Diaz. Like Diaz’s fate, the show kept the maybe killer’s identity a secret for a reason. Time will tell what that is.

As for the video, that is some scary stuff. That took major guts to film! Was it the last Diaz-related stunt on the show?

Find out if Kirk Acevedo’s Ricardo Diaz comes back from the seeming dead when new episodes of Arrow air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The superhero drama is among many shows returning in the midseason.

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