Arrow Is Bringing Back Caity Lotz For The Birds Of Prey Episode

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Arrow is bringing back a familiar face for what promises to be a standout episode of the current seventh season. Caity Lotz will swing by the show that started it all in the Arrow-verse to reprise her role as Sara Lance, and it will be for the sake of a Birds of Prey-inspired episode. If anything could pull the Waverider captain away from the Legends of Tomorrow shenanigans for an episode, a Birds of Prey episode seems pretty fitting!

As DC fans are well aware, the Birds of Prey from the comics is a group of female superheroes who team up to fight crime together, with one iteration of the team comprised of Dinah Lance as Black Canary, Barbara Gordon as Oracle, and Helena Bertinelli as Huntress. Arrow actually aired an episode called "Birds of Prey" back in Season 2 that brought Laurel into the mix as Sara opposed Helena. The CW confirmed to CinemaBlend that Caity Lotz will indeed be back in Arrow Season 7.

While the Season 2 episode didn't result in any sort of permanent group or spinoff, it did show that Arrow is willing to take the Birds of Prey group in its own direction. Showrunner Beth Schwartz has kept quiet on any details about the Birds of Prey-themed episode, but it's clear that it won't just be a do-over of the Season 2 episode. The team will be comprised of three Canaries... sort of.

Sara will be present, presumably as White Canary this time around. Dinah will be around as Black Canary, and based off of an image posted by Beth Schwartz, Earth-2 Laurel will be in the mix as Black Siren. The image, shared on Twitter, showed toy figures of the three ladies on top of a script that revealed the Birds of Prey episode would be called "Lost Canary" and air as Episode 18 of Season 7.

It's really only right that Sara appears in any Birds of Prey episode on any show of the Arrow-verse. Although she is White Canary and her comic counterpart was never connected to the Birds of Prey (or at all similar to Sara Lance), she was the first Canary of the Arrow-verse after she debuted back in Arrow Season 2. In fact, many fans took her as Arrow's Black Canary in all but name. She had to be in Arrow's next Birds of Prey installment!

Although Beth Schwartz hasn't revealed plot details and Arrow is still several episodes away from Episode 18, we do have a photo of the three actresses courtesy of Katie Cassidy on Instagram to seemingly confirm that Sara is playing the current version of herself rather than from her days as the black-suited Canary. Take a look!

Not a whole lot of Caity Lotz is visible in the pic, but there's enough to prove that she's wearing her white superhero duds rather than her black. Her hair is also styled the way she wears it as White Canary, so it seems that Sara won't go dark or appear via flashback for the episode.

Now, what can we guess about the episode? Caity Lotz's mere presence doesn't promise anything other than the potential for some kickass action sequences without the need for superpowers, but my money is on "Lost Canary" as a sort of redemption story for Black Siren. Arrow has been slowly trying to sell that story in Season 7 as Laurel moves away from her villainous Black Siren identity.

This wouldn't be the first time Arrow brought back Caity Lotz to kickstart a Laurel's transformation into a Canary! Honestly, my big question at this point is what they would call Laurel if she's redeemed and doesn't want to go by Black Siren anymore. I don't exactly see Dinah giving up "Black Canary" out of the goodness of her heart.

We'll have to wait and see. Arrow won't be back with its next episode (which will presumably see Felicity share her baby bombshell with some other characters) until Monday, March 4 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For some additional viewing options, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule. "Lost Canary" should be fun for fans of Sara Lance, as Legends of Tomorrow's hiatus continues, and we only got a quick glimpse of her in Arrow's 150th episode.

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