NCIS: Los Angeles Star Reveals Why Hetty Lange Hasn't Been Seen Much Lately

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NCIS: Los Angeles has been down one of its star players for a while now. Linda Hunt's Hetty Lange has been missing in action for most of the CBS series' tenth season run. Fans concerned about when she will be back can take solace in an update.

They can now rest assured thanks to a message from Linda Hunt herself. In a statement, the actress thanked fans for their support. She also confirmed that she was supposed to be back at the start of NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10. Hunt went on to say that she ended up needing some additional time to recover, per TVLine.

The good news is that you have definitely not seen the last of Hetty. Linda Hunt said she is planning to be back on NCIS: Los Angeles later on in Season 10. Hopefully Hetty gets a big story to be reintroduced with when she returns. The accident that put Hunt out of commission occurred in early July. At the time, Hunt was described as not having suffered "serious injuries" in the said-to-be minor traffic accident.

Thankfully, she has taken the time to recover from her injuries fully. Fans are undoubtedly excited for her eventual return. How late into Season 10 they can expect to have her back is unclear. The series is approaching its ninth episode. How NCIS: Los Angeles plans on addressing Hetty's departure when she does eventually return will be interesting to learn.

Now that Linda Hunt has confirmed she will reprise her role sometime in the future, things on-screen should begin heating up regarding Hetty. Fans could theoretically start to see NCIS: Los Angeles begin paving the way for her return story. Let's hope it is not one of those plots that get brushed over. Hunt deserves a storyline that pays proper due to what she brings to the show and how her absence has impacted it.

Not only do fans have Linda Hunt's impending return to look forward to, but they also have a new episode on the horizon. Season 10 will continue with the episode entitled "A Diamond in the Rough." The NCIS: Los Angeles installment will center on the team's investigation into a home invasion that is not what it first appears.

In fact, the promo hints that it is an inside job. Something tells me the NCIS team will be able to crack the case. Soon, they will have Hetty back to help them in taking action.

What that means for Esai Morales' Deputy Director Louis Ochoa and Gerald McRaney's Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride is unclear. Both were brought on during Linda Hunt's absence. Fans will have to stay tuned to learn whether they stick around after Hetty returns.

New episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. The crime drama will have company this fall and the midseason.

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