Lethal Weapon's Former Lead Clayne Crawford Is Making His TV Return

clayne crawford on lethal weapon before his firing

It didn’t take too long for former Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford to land his next TV acting gig. News has broken that Crawford will be heading back to TV, well sort of. Rather he’ll be heading to streaming TV, appearing in the upcoming Hulu narrative Into The Dark.

Because of the way Into The Dark is formatted, Clayne Crawford is only expected to appear in one episode of the new show, which is an anthology drama with movie-length episodes. A new episode is expected to hit Hulu each month, with 12 episodes expected in total – the first episode hit the schedule back in October.

Interestingly, each episode is expected to be holiday-themed and related to the month it appears, which sounds a little goofy, but if you haven’t caught it, it seems to be working so far.

With all of this in mind, you’re probably wondering which holiday Clayne Crawford’s episode will focus on. The answer would be Father’s Day. Per TV Line, Crawford will play a widower with two daughters. Sounds fun, but it will actually be a harrowing road trip story that will feature his family in danger after they come into contact with “supernatural entities.”

Father’s Day is in June, so we can expect to stream Clayne Crawford’s episode then.

Past episodes of Into The Dark have starred other TV favorite actors and actresses. Previous episodes have starred Parenthood and Kingdom’s Matt Lauria, Da Vinci’s Demon’s Tom Bateman, Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson, Younger’s Sutton Foster, Vice Principals’ Dale Dickey and many, many more.

The episode Clayne Crawford will star in will also feature Dwight Hicks, Josephine Langsford, Robyn Lively, and Lia McHugh.

Clayne Crawford’s exit from Lethal Weapon featured a lot of back and forth rumors from the set. Both Crawford and other series lead Damon Wayans basically admitted they had problems working with one another, although who was at fault for that changes, depending on which actor's story you are reading into.

Clayne Crawford was ultimately fired from Lethal Weapon for alleged on set behavior that resulted in disciplinary actions over at Fox. The actor later gave an in depth interview explaining his point of view and what he felt like happened on the set of the Fox series. Seann William Scott eventually replaced Crawford on the show and the network machine has propelled forward, just not without incident.

In fact, since then, there’s been some drama on the set of Lethal Weapon. At one point, Damon Wayans even said he would be quitting the series. Now, Season 3 has finished airing and the show is still a question mark on Fox’s schedule for next year, but reportedly Wayans is no longer on the “I’m quitting” train.

The Season 3 finale was set up in case the show gets renewed for Season 4. Meanwhile, Clayne Crawford has moved on and we’ll keep you updated regarding any new gigs that come his way.

Into The Dark can already be streamed on Hulu.

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