What NCIS: Los Angeles' Kensi And Deeks Are Doing For Their Honeymoon

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The long-awaited wedding of Kensi and Deeks on NCIS: Los Angeles is finally happening, and the happy couple will get to tie the knot despite whatever complications arise on the day. The NCIS: LA cast already shared some exciting reveals that are on the way in the wedding episode, and now leading lady Daniela Ruah has revealed how Kensi and Deeks are spending their honeymoon. Here's what they'll be up to after the wedding:

They end up spending their honeymoon in Malibu and they come back and Deeks is like, 'It’s a whole new thing. It was our honeymoon; it was beautiful.' Kensi’s like, 'It was Malibu. It’s a place we go to every weekend.' She was like, 'We’re still the same couple.' So it’s actually funny because we come back post honeymoon and everyone’s like, 'How was it? Was it great?' Deeks is like, 'It was marvelous. It was amazing.' Kensi’s like, 'It was fine.'

Well, in case you thought Kensi and Deeks would make it to South America or somewhere fun and far away from their digs in Los Angeles, Daniela Ruah's comments about their honeymoon reveal that they'll be honeymooning close to home. Hopefully whatever they do in Malibu won't involve any explosions or shootouts! Honestly, my fingers are just crossed that they found a place in Malibu that hasn't been the site of a gruesome crime that they investigated with NCIS.

All things considered, the return from the honeymoon confirms that the classic Kensi and Deeks dynamic won't have gone anywhere just because they exchanged "I dos." Deeks will be overflowing with enthusiasm and swooning over the romance, while Kensi will be more pragmatic about how they didn't actually do anything super special, and it will probably be sweet, funny, and revealed to the rest of the team at the office. What's not to love?

Fans and Densi shippers don't have to be too dismayed that Kensi and Deeks won't take off for an exotic and romantic vacation far from Los Angeles. After all, they managed to fall in love despite some very stressful circumstances, and Daniela Ruah already promised that their wedding episode will be all sunshine and gunpowder, even accounting for the surprise return of somebody Deeks will not want to see on his wedding day. Hey, maybe Hetty will turn up as well! She'll be returning at some point in Season 10.

Daniela Ruah went on in her chat with Parade.com to reveal why fans don't need to worry that Kensi and Deeks will never get to take a little romantic trip together:

They’re obviously a philanthropic couple, who want to make the world a better place, but everything they planned to do for some reason did not pan out for their honeymoon. I like the feeling that they’re going to go do that during hiatus. I think on their free time, they would definitely not be the couple to sit around and do nothing.

What better way for NCIS: Los Angeles to give its most successful couple a happy honeymoon without distracting from the cases of the week and/or losing Kensi and Deeks for an episode than to send them off together over hiatus? They can get up to whatever shenanigans they want between seasons. Honestly, if they ever have kids, my money is on most of the pregnancy happening between seasons, unless Daniela Ruah is having a baby herself.

In an interesting twist, Daniela Ruah and co-star Eric Christian Olsen have a strong connection in real life, but not as romantic partners. Ruah married Olsen's brother and stunt double. NCIS: Los Angeles truly is a family affair!

Tune in to CBS on Sunday, March 17 at 9 p.m. ET to see Kensi and Deeks tie the knot on NCIS: Los Angeles. It's one of three NCIS series airing new episodes in the midseason lineup, so there are plenty of Navy-related crimes to be investigated in primetime.

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