DC Universe's Titans Has Cast Its Jericho, Son Of Deathstroke

Titans has cast a new comics character

Titans ended its first season on DC Universe with a killer cliffhanger and intriguing tease, and it's difficult to guess exactly how the show will pick up the pieces when the second season begins. That said, casting news for Titans Season 2 has released, and it paints a picture of what to expect once Dick Grayson and Co. somehow get out of their Season 1 finale bind. The DC Comics character Jericho has been cast for Season 2.

YouTube and social media star Chella Man landed the role of Joseph Wilson, a.k.a. Jericho, the son of Deathstroke. Jericho is rendered mute after his father was unable to prevent assassins from severing his vocal cords, but he has some unique powers that set him apart. He is able to possess anybody through the simple act of making eye contact.

Fortunately considering how dangerous such a power could be in the wrong hands, Jericho has a gentle nature and is definitely the hero that his father is not. He'll prove himself to be formidable member of the Titans team.

Chella Man could be an ideal casting to play Jericho. He's not an actor with an extensive list of TV credits, so viewers can go in without any preconceptions of him as a character portrayed for the first real time in live-action. (Joe Wilson did appear on Arrow, but the Arrow version was a far cry from the original DC character of Jericho.) Chella Man is also deaf, as well as genderqueer, Chinese, and Jewish.

Chella Man cast in DC's titans

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It's not altogether surprising that Jericho has been cast for Titans Season 2, as Deathstroke himself was recently announced as part of the next batch of episodes. Although this Deathstroke won't exactly be the same version of the character as the one that appeared on Arrow or appears on Young Justice (also on DC Universe), he'll still be a deadly assassin.

It was only a matter of time before Deathstroke made his debut. Back in October 2018, Titans writer and executive producer Geoff Johns promised that Deathstroke would appear on the show "eventually," and he hinted that the iconic DC Comics arc called The Judas Contract would be adapted as well.

Armed with the knowledge that Deathstroke and The Judas Contract were coming to Titans at some point, fans could guess that Jericho would appear at some point. This does raise the question of whether the next casting announcement will be for the DC character of Terra, who has a pivotal role in the original and subsequent adaptations of The Judas Contract. The arc even seems to be going down on Young Justice, although the extent of the Judas Contract story on the animated series is not yet known.

Unfortunately, Titans Season 2 has not yet announced a premiere date, so it may be a while before we get to see Chella Man as Jericho on the show, among other newcomers. There are plenty of other DC TV options this spring, including Doom Patrol on DC Universe. Young Justice's take on The Judas Contract will presumably pick up when the show returns from its midseason hiatus in June.

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