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DC Universe's Titans Has Cast Its Superboy For Season 2

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When Titans's stellar first season came to a close on DC Universe, viewers got a shock of Kryptonian proportions. After an episode devoted entirely to the former Robin's possessed mind-space, "Dick Grayson" featured a last-minute twist that introduced what was assumedly Conner "Superboy" Kent. Now, we've finally gotten a true follow-up confirmation, as Australian stage actor Joshua Orpin has been cast to play Conner Kent in Season 2.

Woo! We're getting another official live-action Superboy on TV for the first time since 1992. (Smallville's doesn't count here.) Technically, DC Universe's announcement isn't so clear about how much Superboy we'll be getting to see in Season 2 and beyond, but he was officially referred to as "Conner Kent (aka Superboy)," so I don't think the series will be avoiding the character's powers or anything. Especially not after that wild introduction.

The bonkers finale for the comic book drama wrapped up on a scene within a Project Cadmus laboratory in Metropolis, where a being known at the time only as "Subject 13" was shown. The heavily muscled experiment made a mess of the lab with the random scientists' bodies and equipment, and also donned the House of El's symbol. What's more, we got to see Superboy's comic book pet dog, Krypto, in the episode as well.

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This casting announcement sadly didn't feature any further details about what fans can expect to see from Joshua Orpin's Conner Kent. How will the character will be introduced to the rest of the team? How will his origins be explained? Is Conner an extraterrestrial like Superman, or is this version going to follow the Kryptonian clone scenario? Will he get to keep his similarly powerful dog around?

More than just Superboy's arrival confused fans about that finale, considering only a few minutes took place within the real world. As it was explained after the airing, the Titans creative team had initially planned for a far different conclusion, in which the villainous demon (and Raven's father) Trigon would be more properly introduced. They decided to hold that back for the Season 2 premiere, however. So now, we can at least hope that Superboy has something to do with that introduction.

Currently, Joshua Orpin started his screen career with a couple of short films before making his feature film debut in Lee Galea's 2017 comedic drama The Neon Spectrum. He was also in The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories in 2018, and will also appear in the future in the Australian miniseries Upright.

At this time, Titans Season 2 doesn't have a set release date, and we're likely still months away from getting a trailer or any footage of Conner Kent. While waiting, though, there are plenty of other midseason shows to get obsessed with, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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