New Young Justice: Outsiders Trailer Reveals Black Manta With A Score To Settle And More

Young Justice finally returned to TV back in January with a new season, but the first half ended all too soon, and now fans will be waiting months before any new episodes debut. Fortunately, DC Universe has released a new trailer for the second half of Season 3, and it reveals the return of Black Manta with a score to settle, Beast Boy’s decision after his big (and bizarre) episode, and more! Take a look:

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Black Manta hasn’t forgiven and forgotten in the two years that passed since the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3! Although Manta arguably should have a bigger bone to pick with Kaldur, who successfully deceived him into believing that the former Aqualad had betrayed his teammates for his father, the trailer shows him facing off against Artemis, who he has no reasons to hesitate on battling. She’s not his kid, after all!

As fans will remember, Artemis was key to the betrayal of Black Manta and the crippling of the Light back in Season 2. When Dick and Kaldur faked her death, she wore a glamour charm, took on the new identity of Tigress, and infiltrated Black Manta’s ranks. Without her, the good guys never would have struck such a massive blow against Manta.

Based on just this footage, we can’t say what exactly is going to go down that Artemis as Tigress will face off against Manta, although it’s probably a good thing that she has the backup of Halo, Brion, and Terra, who apparently has not yet been exposed as a traitor. At least Young Justice’s version of cold-weather battle gear looks awesome! Hopefully it keeps them warm and ready to fight, as they’ll face off against Monsieur Mallah and Captain Boomerang as well as Manta.

I do have to wonder where Nightwing, Superboy, and Black Lightning are. Forager may not be suited to what looks like a very cold environment, and Cyborg might not be ready for fighting in the field. Where are the other three? Will the second half of the season focus more on M’gann’s team of young heroes and less on Dick’s outsiders? Or do these 30 second of footage just not show much of what we’ll see of them?

What the footage does show is that Beast Boy’s trippy experience with the Goode Goggles apparently changed his mind about using his powers to star in a TV show. Garfield is coming back to the team, and he can be seen seemingly transforming from rhino to dragon to rhino again. Welcome back, Gar!

Kaldur -- who has now taken the mantle of Aquaman -- didn’t have too much to do in the first half of the season, but it looks like he’ll be around more in the second half. He’ll apparently have a tense encounter with Amanda Waller, whose comments that she’ll expose his “little play group” if he exposes her operation lead me to wonder if she knows about the secret superhero conspiracy against The Light.

The heroes who aren’t in the know likely would not appreciate learning about it via Amanda Waller rather than via their friends and teammates. They’re probably not going to be happy anyway, especially after all the deception in Season 2. Hopefully this deception doesn’t end with a speedster dying!

Sadly, Young Justice: Outsiders won’t be back with new episodes until June, although DC Universe will have more original content to watch thanks to Doom Patrol’s premiere on the streaming service this month. For the official premiere date (as well as those for many other series), checkout our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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