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If you are on a series like Starz’s Outlander, filming is a big time commitment. So much so, that Starz signs on for new seasons of the drama well in advance of when the episodes air so the show has enough time to build sets and film lengthy and complicated episodes.

In fact, that’s exactly what is happening right now as Season 5 of Outlander is heading into production. To get fans pumped through this continues Outlander drought (aka Droughtlander), series lead Caitriona Balfe walked through a brand new set for the series and you can glimpse it yourself below.

Although it’s fairly common for actors to share pictures of themselves in makeup chairs or somewhere on set, it’s less common that fans actually get walked through a build. In the video, we can see the trappings of the 18th century, including a lovely hearth.

Season 5 should be based on the fifth book in Diana Gabaldon’s book series The Fiery Cross. The book in question focuses on Brianna and Roger’s relationship. It’s also set a few years before the Revolutionary War and Jamie alliances are put to the test as he continues to build his homestead.

Could we be seeing Frasier’s Ridge really coming together and becoming more of a proper home in the video? Or could this be another set? Caitriona Balfe certainly isn’t spilling secrets. In fact, it seems as if she may not know given how early the show is in the production process.

As for Season 5 of Outlander, it’s actually kind of hard to gauge when the next set of episodes will officially air. While at TCA a few weeks ago, Caitriona Balfe did confirm that production on Season 5 was set to commence soon. But like other big shows, including Game of Thrones, production can last for several months and then go through an even longer post-production editing process. Hours can be crazy and this type of gig is not for the faint of heart.

Speaking of which, just a few days ago other Outlander series lead Sam Heughan also shared a look at the team getting ready to move forward with Season 5.

Making things even more up in the air is the fact that Outlander hasn’t aired or kicked off during a consistent month. Season 1 aired in two parts, starting in August and April. Season 2 kicked off in April. Season 3 began in September. Season 4 began in November over a year later. There's been little consistency and it's seemingly been more about when the episodes get done and where they fit like puzzle pieces into Starz's schedule.

I'm 100% not complaining, as I'd rather have great episodes than have them at a consistent time every year; my point is simply that we don't know when Season 5 is coming. It's likely to be awhile, given that production on Season 5 is just getting started.

Obviously, we'll keep you updated when there are more concrete details and for now we can just hope that the various cast members keep sharing a bunch of stuff from the set.