Yes, Jo And Alex Are Headed For Trouble On Grey's Anatomy After Emotional Episode

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Spoilers for last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy ("Silent All These Years") are disclosed below.

Jo was dealt a devastating blow upon learning the story behind her origins. At the end of the emotional episode, Jo did not want to open up to Alex that she is the product of sexual assault. That is a hint that the couple will find themselves in distress as Grey’s Anatomy moves forward.

The couple is not heading into the next Grey’s Anatomy episode in the best shape. Jo’s portrayer, Camilla Luddington, was asked if what happened will change things between her and Alex. Responding, Luddington told Cosmopolitan:

I think it will derail a lot. You will see the ripple effect through the rest of the season. ‘Jolex’ has been unshakable all season, but this does end up shaking them.

Will Jo and Alex be able to withstand the shaking? They have five hours left to let Jo’s discovery rock them in Season 15, as Grey’s Anatomy has only five episodes remaining in its 25-episode season. If “Jolex” are going to find peace, they don't have much time to do it.

From what Camilla Luddington is saying it is tough to surmise if Alex and Jo will have dealt with things entirely this season. Or if what Jo learned will ripple throughout the next season.

A lot of that may depend on if and when Jo shoulders her pain with her husband. At the end of the episode, Alex was unaware of everything that Jo had learned. Will she tell Alex about it? Camilla Luddington had this to say:

I would like for her to tell Alex. I’m not sure she can avoid telling him forever, but that’s a very very painful thing to disclose to someone. I don’t think she’s fully processed it herself yet. I think even saying the truth out loud to him would break her right now.

In the Grey’s Anatomy episode, Jo found and talked to her biological mother. Jo wanted to know why her mother had abandoned her as an infant at the fire station. Jo's mother revealed that she had been raped and that Jo’s biological father was the rapist. At first, her mother kept Jo before being overwhelmed by the circumstances and left her at the fire station.

Grey’s Anatomy left Jo still reeling from the news as the episode ended, and she sought to be alone rather than discuss or share the revelation with Alex. By the time the credits rolled, Alex and Jo had a tumultuous conversation that started out okay.

Alex asked if she wanted to go out to celebrate his last day as interim chief. Jo opted not to, citing her rough day. Alex then suggested they just talk to which Jo responded that she just wanted to go to bed. When Alex said that he would be cool with that, she said that she was tired and asked him if he could go out and celebrate with Meredith instead.

Alex was concerned and told her that she could talk to him, saying he was not going to judge her. He just wanted her to discuss what happened with him. Jo responded that she did not want to talk about it. She just wanted to go home by herself and sleep before walking away.

Alex looked bewildered. He obviously wants to be there for his wife. However, Jo wants to process things on her own. Jo and Alex have been one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most robust couplings. The pair got married in last season’s finale. Will their marriage survive Season 15’s?

Find out how Jo and Alex cope moving forward when new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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