Should Amelia's Hot New Grey's Anatomy Hookup Be A Fling Or Batman Forever?

Link and Amelia on Grey's Anatomy Season 15 ABC

Spoilers ahead from the March 14 episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 15 on ABC.

Grey's Anatomy just gave Amelia Shepherd the ultimate rebound hookup. For my money, it should be more than just a fling. Batman and Batman forever. Or maybe not forever, but at least for longer than just one night. I'm open to forever, though, since Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Atticus "Link" Lincoln (Chris Carmack) seem to have a lot more than just chemistry.

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There's nothing wrong with a fling -- I wouldn't mind if Meredith Grey and Andrew DeLuca were just a fling -- but I think Amelia and Link could really build from here. Feel free to disagree, but I think Amelia deserves better than Owen Hunt, who may already be moving his controlling self back to Teddy Altman. And Link was basically rejected by Meredith in favor of DeLuca, so he's just floating through Grey Sloan in search of a storyline.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 was billed going in as the Season of Love, and it has indeed been very romance-heavy. Most of the romances have been on the longterm-track, though, except possibly with the one that has shown the most chemistry and promise -- last night's hookup between Amelia and Link. They met up at an alternative pain relief conference. Their interaction was awkward at first, and then combative. And then after a soul-baring speech, Link and Amelia seemed to bond -- then got into bed. Amelia said it wasn't going anywhere, they were just each other's alternative pain relief. It was a cute line, but should they stay a fling or stick together?

Amelia is fresh off her drama with Owen, but those two have not been on the same page for a long time. Amelia is working through her own issues, but it sounds like Link has a deep well of experience and struggles too.

Part of me is wondering if the current love triangle between Owen, Teddy, and Tom Koracick will end with Koracick being free. I was actually originally hoping Koracick would end up with Meredith, since I saw some sparks there. But if Teddy is crazy enough to take Owen back, maybe Koracick will end up with Amelia? They already have their own history.

Honestly, Amelia with either Link or Koracick sounds better to me than Owen. Amelia deserves something solid and stable. I like her for Link, since he seems like a pretty good guy overall. We're just getting to know him, but there haven't been too many red flags -- and Jo Wilson Karev vouched for him. She knows him better than anyone, and wanted him to be with Meredith.

It looks like the Thursday, March 21 episode is going to have Alex Karev and Andrew DeLuca butt heads again, probably putting Meredith in the middle again. I'm not too invested in that relationship, to be honest, and no it's not because of the age difference. I couldn't care less than DeLuca is a lot younger than Meredith. I care that after Meredith's sexy dreams, and the Italian chats, these two characters just don't seem to have a natural connection.

At this point, on the relationship front, I'm most curious to see what happens next for Amelia and Link, and Levi "Glasses" Schmitt and Nico Kim. I'm also interested in meeting Jo's mother -- more interested in that than whether she and Alex have kids anytime soon or not -- and also curious to see Amelia's sister.

What do you think of this Amelia and Link hookup: Should it stay a fling, or do you think they have potential as a longterm couple? If they stay together, what kind of shipper name should they have -- L'Amelia? Team Batman? Lepherd? Amelink?

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