Better Call Saul Is Probably Turning One Character Into Season 5's New Big Villain

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Better Call Saul fans may have a wait ahead of them before new episodes arrive, but at least they're getting clues as to where Season 5 is headed before the premiere. It turns out Gus Fring won't be the only major player making a splash in future seasons, and that one character added last season is probably stepping up to be the new main villain. Get ready for more Lalo, because actor Tony Dalton has been promoted to series regular.

While Lalo has been a part of the Breaking Bad universe for a while, Tony Dalton's character wasn't seen until Season 4 of Better Call Saul. Lalo Salamanca arrived in the last few episodes of Season 4, and immediately emerged as a character who could cause trouble. Lalo took the Salamanca drug trade business away from Nacho, and was spying on Gus (who was controlling Nacho) and his operations towards the end of the season.

It looks like Lalo's meddling may only intensify in Better Call Saul Season 5, as Deadline reported he's going to be the new main villain of the spinoff series. That report isn't surprising given the Salamancas that have been introduced are pretty dastardly, with Lalo being the latest to show his ruthless behavior. It seems Lalo will attempt to continue to attempt to interfere with Gus' business, and Mike could be caught in the cross hairs.

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We also know Saul Goodman and Nacho will be involved in some sort of drama with Lalo, as the lawyer said as much way back during Season 2 of Breaking Bad. When Saul was kidnapped by Jesse and Walt, he believed Lalo had tracked him down and was looking to settle a score for something that happened. Saul quickly put the blame on Ignacio, which is Nacho's real name, and said he's always been the cartel's friend.

That thing that happened may be explored in Season 5, and with Tony Dalton's upgraded status on Better Call Saul, may be quite a large story with lots of moving parts. We know that Mike, Saul, and Gus survived whatever went down, and we're assuming Saul thinking Lalo came after him means he survives. The only real question mark is what becomes of Nacho, who was involved but only seen in Better Call Saul.

Ultimately, Better Call Saul adding Tony Dalton as a series regular is an exciting decision. His portrayal of Lalo was a highlight of Season 4, and showcased that some in the Salamanca family can be more than deranged sociopathic killers. Granted, he still seems to be that, but the guy looks to be a solid cook and has far more charisma than Hector and The Cousins combined!

Better Call Saul Season 5 isn't expected to premiere until 2020, but there's still plenty of great things coming to television in the meantime. Stick with CinemaBlend for the latest and greatest entertainment news, like the surprising thing the upcoming Breaking Bad movie still has yet to do.

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