A Game Of Thrones Star Will Play Bruce Wayne For DC Universe's Titans

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DC Universe's Titans is bringing in Batman, and the producers are pulling a "dark knight" from another high profile television show to do so. Fans will get to see if Robin has the guts to curse his former mentor to his face, as Game of Thrones actor Iain Glen has joined the platform's original series in a recurring role as Bruce Wayne. Holy streaming services, what could one of DC's biggest heroes want with this young super squad?

Iain Glen's Bruce Wayne will be an older Batman who has already fought crime in Gotham City for decades. He's past his prime, but still hell-bent on defending the city and protecting its people however he can. As viewers witnessed in Season 1, neither Dick nor Jason Todd had very good things to say about Bruce's attitude and mental well-being where his aggressive tendencies were concerned.

Bruce Wayne will come to Titans in order to lend some aide to the titular team, as well as to reforge his relationship with his former sidekick Dick Grayson, according to Deadline. At the moment, there's no word on whether Glen will actually suit up as Batman or not, since he's just got Bruce to go by.

It's worth noting that Iain Glen will be the oldest Bruce Wayne actor we've seen to date. Glen is 57 years old, which makes him over a decade older than Ben Affleck's Batman, and just short of 40 years older than David Mazouz's upcoming Batman on Gotham. Glen's age puts him about the same age Bruce was when he came out of retirement in iconic story The Dark Knight Returns, so him suiting up is not impossible.

It's not necessarily advised, however, even for someone as fit as Bruce Wayne. Batman has historically stepped away from his vigilante duties as The Dark Knight by his mid-50s, which may be why he's reconnecting with Dick, perhaps hoping that by helping him and his new team might convince Dick to return to Gotham to step into the Batman role in Bruce's steed. Dick has taken over before as Batman in the comics, although it's not a mantle he's stuck with. Plus, we want to see some Nightwing!

Though the role is only recurring, it's exciting to see a major Justice League character come onto Titans for Season 2. It's especially impressive that it's going to be Bruce Wayne, seeing as Gotham has been the only modern live-action DC show to feature the character so far. Perhaps this appearance means DC is loosening the reigns on the character's use, and he could be popping up in the Arrow-verse soon? For The Flash and Batwoman's sake, we hope so.

Titans is returning for Season 2, and with Bruce Wayne now on the docket to make an appearance, now's as good a time as any for folks to dive in. Stream all of Season 1 right now on DC Universe, and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for all other updates regarding superhero news, upcoming television shows, and all things entertainment related in general.

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