NCIS' Mark Harmon Is A Man Of Few Words In Season 17 Message To Fans

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The exciting news of NCIS getting renewed for Season 17 has been massive for fans. It has also been thrilling for the cast. Posted on NCIS’ official Twitter account is a video of the cast sharing a message with fans. In the video, Mark Harmon is a man of few (but important) words. The dialogue went like this:

Wilmer Valderrama: Hey, a little video from the set here with the agents. Officially, next year coming back. Mark, a few words for the fans....Mark Harmon: Thank you.Emily Wickersham [points at Mark]: What he said.Wilmer: Sean?Sean Murray: Thank you very much!Wilmer: We love you guys!

When Wilmer Valderrama asked Mark Harmon for a few words, Harmon took it very seriously. The brief words undoubtedly register as heartfelt. "Thank you" is a sweet way to acknowledge NCIS fans’ support and ongoing viewership. Those two things likely contributed to the show's renewal for Season 17.

As for the NCIS cast, they are understandably excited about the renewal, which makes total sense. They will have another season to share tons of new stories. You can check out the video of them in a celebratory spirit below:

The camaraderie between the cast shines brightly in this video. How about Mark Harmon’s giant smile at the end? He is clearly happy with his succinct “thank you,” and so are his castmates/co-stars.

Mark Harmon has been on since the beginning, and there is currently no end in sight for the drama -- even if it seems like Gibbs may need a break. His handling of Rule 10 recently came to the fore as he revealed that he had “burned” the rule. That could be a sign that Gibbs is grappling with more than usual.

While things are taking a toll on Gibbs, his portrayer seems to be doing quite well. He has played the character for over a decade and a half. Despite that, Mark Harmon is showing no signs of tiring of his NCIS gig. The actor (one of television’s highest paid) has spoken positively about the indefinite future of the show.

Not too long ago, he revealed when he would know that NCIS should come to an end. What he said it would take seems unlikely to occur any time soon.

CBS renewed the hit show for its seventeenth season a few days ago. NCIS has been a ratings winner for some time. Considering its success, the renewal news did not come as a huge surprise. Unfortunately for NCIS’ spinoffs, CBS did not announce NCIS: Los Angles and NCIS: New Orleans renewals at the same time.

The next episode of NCIS is set to be a rough one for Gibbs. His personal proximity to next week’s case leads to a lot of tension. McGee even tells Gibbs that he is off the case. The promo ends with him telling Gibbs to “go home.”

What is Gibbs going to do? There is the rest of Season 16 and now Season 17 to find out long-term. New episodes of NCIS air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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