Legends Of Tomorrow's Big Neron Twist Means Bad News For One Of The Legends

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 12 of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, called "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe."

Now that Hank Heywood is dead and the bizarre motivation for his dark deeds has been revealed, Neron is exposed as the real big bad of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4. In "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe," Neron was looking to switch vessels from Des to somebody else: Ava.

The Legends got in his way when Constantine, Nora, and Sara found Ava, who was stuck in Purgatory and trying to keep from giving in to her own personal hell. Constantine and Nora worked together on magically containing Neron, and that's where things went south. Ever manipulative, Neron poked at the sensitive spots of both Constantine and Nora.

Constantine was of course affected by the fact that Neron was using his former lover as a vessel, and Neron appealed to Nora's bitterness toward Constantine's abandonment and sadness at the death of her father. Throw in a furious Nate who discovered that Neron killed his dad and an overprotective Ray, and there was a recipe for disaster.

Nora and Constantine seemed poised to finally kill Neron after tricking him into leaving Des, believing he could occupy Nora instead. Unfortunately, Ray chose the wrong moment to barge in and try to protect Nora. Neron got the upper hand due to the distraction, but Nora wasn't ready to give up. She unleashed her full power; while it seemed to kill Neron, it also left her unconscious and potentially comatose.

Alas, Neron wasn't actually dead. As the end of the episode revealed, Neron simply jumped into the new body that had entered the room: Ray. Yes, Ray is possessed by a demon.

Ray doesn't know that he's possessed by a demon, though. By the end of the episode, Ray is walking outside, looking like his normal self... until a dog starts freaking out and barking furiously at him. Confused, Ray notes that dogs usually love him. If that wasn't enough proof that something was off with Ray, he began whistling "Pop Goes the Weasel."

The episode ended before Ray could realize that he wasn't alone in his body, but the promo for next week's episode reveals that he won't be in the dark for long. After noticing that strange things are happening, Ray finds out that he's possessed, and Neron isn't going to just let him hang out peacefully with his pals in the Waverider.

No, apparently, the demon is going to set Ray on at least one of his friends, and Nora is out of commission. Constantine needed her help to battle Neron in this week's episode; will he stand a chance at getting Neron out of Ray if she remains unconscious? Take a look at the trailer for the next episode:

Tune in to The CW on Monday, April 29 to find out what happens now that Ray has been possessed by Neron on Legends of Tomorrow. According to the episode description, Ray will be forced to "do the unthinkable," while Nate and Zari are "stuck in an awkward limbo" and Charlie and Rory are given a lucrative opportunity "that could upend their lives." My fingers are already crossed that the last point has to do with a romance novel collaboration. We'll have to wait and see.

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