How Legends Of Tomorrow's Season 4 Villain Will Surprise Everyone

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Legends of Tomorrow hasn't shown us its Season 4 Big Bad yet, but we know that there are definitely going to be some surprises ahead when all is finally revealed. Aside from the fact that it's unusual for Legends to wait this far into a season before we get to see who the crew's main adversary is, once we know who they're up against this time around, it should come as quite a shock. And, according to Maisie Richardson-Sellers, if you think you know who it's going to be, you will probably be wrong.

[Season 4's big bad] is completely unexpected. Everything you would assume, it's the opposite. And I think that's fantastic. This is the first year where we've shot almost half the [season], and only now is the big bad beginning to come in.

So, this year's Big Bad is "completely unexpected," huh? Well, I suppose this knocks some recent, more obvious possibilities out, simply because they already seem too much like folks who could end up causing Big Bad level mayhem. And, really, the first person who comes to mind here would have to be Nate's dad, Hank, who currently oversees the committee that funds the Time Bureau.

On the surface, Hank Heywood is just a bureaucrat who's been a bit of a thorn in the Legends' collective side because he's capable of shutting down their time-hopping adventures. So far, no one seems to overtly dislike him, and because he's Nate's dad there's probably going to be more of a tendency to give him the benefit of the doubt as far as potential Big Bad level schemes go, anyway.

But, Hank has come into view as a possible evil-doer recently for his desire to get a secret plan known as Project Hades underway. He set this in motion after realizing that the Fugitives which are being brought in (or sent to hell) by the Legends are actually controllable if you have their favorite food. We don't know anything about Project Hades, so it might just be a charity project that helps people heat their homes in the winter, but it's unlikely that it's that simple, or that well-meaning. I mean, it just sounds evil, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, if Maisie Richardson-Sellers' words, which were noted by CinemaBlend's own Laura Hurley when she visited the Legends of Tomorrow set recently, are accurate, the smoking Big Bad gun that appears to be pointing right at Hank doesn't mean anything. Most of us would expect him to be the main bad guy at this point, meaning that it can't be him.

Richardson-Sellers also noted that, at basically the halfway point of the season, the Big Bad is only now beginning to work their dastardly plan / come into view in a major way. So, could this mean that the antagonist will be someone who we've recently gotten to know? It's possible, especially since Richardson-Sellers believes that this Big Bad reveal is going to be super emotional for the Legends, and (probably) for the audience as well.

It's a much more emotional journey with the big bad this year, I think. It's someone or multiple people who have emotional connections with us and therefore makes defeating the big bad even more difficult and complex. I think a lot of people are going to be heartbroken in the process of doing it.

Ugh! OK, the Big Bad is going to have "emotional connections" with the Legends to the extent that trying to fight him (or her...or them) will leave people "heartbroken" during the process? I do not like this, people. Not at all.

Who could this Big Bad, or collection of Big Bads, be? Obviously, if any of the Legends turned out to be secretly working against the team, that would be a major blow to everyone. What if Hank has hatched an evil plan in the form of Project Hades, and Nate becomes a part of it? He went through a lot with the Legends, so it would really hurt them if they found out he wasn't actually on their side anymore.

Speaking of not being on their side anymore, what if the villain somehow turns out to be Ava? After distrusting the Legends at first (totally understandable), she's gone on not only to work with them on many occasions but to become Sara's girlfriend. The two had a bit of back and forth for a while, but have now committed to seeing what evolves between them. If Ava turns out to be the true Big Bad of the season, well, good luck keeping Sara from running her through with a katana. 'Cause she will be pissed.

For that matter, someone who's come to mean a lot to the team is Constantine. Tripping through time to fight baddies is one thing, but when you come up against demons and such, it's good to have a magic man on your side, and for the Legends that dude is everyone's favorite supernatural detective. We know from the season premiere that Constantine is actually being hunted by an otherworldly Big Bad of his own because of his past actions, and this entity is so scary that the Fairy Godmother the Legends caught chose to be sent to hell instead of forming an alliance with the man.

If there's anything that could make someone not simply abandon their friends, but actively work against them, trying to get out from under a supernatural creature would do it. Constantine, as we've seen many times in the Arrow-verse now, is a man of many resources but he's not all-powerful. What if this creature offers Constantine a deal that allows him to finally prevent his own birth and save his mother's life? Since he tried to make this happen once, he might do anything, including turning on his new buds, to make it happen.

So, do you have a guess as to who this mysterious Big Bad could be and just what they could be up to in Season 4? Hell, at this rate, it could be Gary. If you think you know who's up to no good, let us know in the comments below. Legends of Tomorrow will continue with its balls to the wall fall finale on The CW, Monday, December 10 at 9 p.m. EST, so be sure to tune in to see if we get any more clues on the true villain of the season.

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