When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Bringing Chelsea Peretti's Gina Back

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In making the jump from Fox to NBC, the hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine barely missed a step as far as plots, jokes and increasingly ridiculous cold opens go. The biggest change, of course, was the eventual absence of Chelsea Peretti's Gina Linetti, who decided to quit the precinct in Season 6. Thankfully, though, the rhythm-infused Gina will grace everyone with her presence at least once more before the season finale.

Fans won't be waiting long to see just where Chelsea Peretti's Gina has been, as well as what she's been up to. Peretti will pop up again in the episode airing on May 2. As if there was any doubt that the installment would get a noteworthy title, it will be called "Return of the King." Will we get to watch Gina refer to herself as a "lord of the rings?"

It's not clear just yet, but TVLine reports that Chelsea Peretti's return to Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not only reveal what it is that Gina has been doing all these months, but it will also explore the ways that the new gig has affected her relationship with her former co-workers. Does that mean Gina has been working somewhere that Jake & Co. wouldn't be a fan of? Is she working for The Vulture? Gasp!

Excellently, the May 2 episode will mark the directorial debut of B99's Melissa Fumero, better known for her on-screen performances as the rule-adoring Amy. It'll be the third time in Season 6 that one of the show's big stars got behind the camera to helm an episode. Stephanie "Rosa" Beatriz directed the #MeToo-centered ep "He Said, She Said," while Charles himself, Jo Lo Truglio, guided the most recent installment, "The Bimbo."

How meta would it be if it's revealed that Gina has been working on a TV show based on a police station full of quirky and silly cops, and that she just directed an episode that featured a character returning after being away for months? I'd be into that.

Clearly, the stand-up standout Chelsea Peretti didn't leave Brooklyn Nine-Nine through a series of burned bridges and shattered friendships. When she decided to take a step back from one of TV's silliest series, it was a decision that co-creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur respected and accepted without incident. After all, Peretti was already hinting at her return when she announced she was leaving.

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Beyond news of Gina's head-turning return to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, co-creator Dan Goor also revealed that the Season 6 is going to do some things that lead directly into the start of Season 7. Here's what he said about the season finale, which will feature the return of Tim Meadows' Caleb the Cannibal:

Jake works a pretty important case that may expose maleficence in the NYPD and has a large snowball effect. . . . I would just say that events transpire that suggest [Season 7] is going to start off in a fun way.

Dun dun dun! Andy Samberg's Jake should probably watch his back if he's going to (purposefully or not) shine a light on some form of wrongdoing within the NYPD at large. It's never good to piss off one's buddies in blue, so hopefully the season doesn't end on a cliffhanger that puts Jake's life and/or job and/or reputation at risk. That would not be coo cool cool, cool cool cool.

Break out all your favorite pairs of sunglasses and various other fashion-forward accessories, because Gina Linetti is coming back to Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC on Thursday, May 2, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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