Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Chelsea Peretti Really Wanted To Try Out One Funny Plotline Before She Left

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine said goodbye to one of its original cast members in the latest episode, as Chelsea Peretti has left the show as the unforgettable Gina Linetti. The good news is that fans knew she would be leaving, so her farewell episode shouldn’t have come as a heartbreaking surprise. The bad news is that there’s one funny plotline pitched by Peretti that never happened before she left. Peretti revealed the plotline she had in mind, saying this:

I wanted her and Rosa to have an affair, but I guess that’s not happening. But at the very least, I thought her and Rosa would make the most amazing superpowers if they joined forces. People are so scared of them, and they’re so smart and so powerful. I wanted them to take over the office.

In an emotional and poignant arc from when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was still on Fox, Rosa came out to her friends and parents as bisexual, and she and Gina have agreed that they’d be epic together. An affair between the two could have been hilarious, whether it was played as awkward, romantic, steamy, or anything in between.

Alas, a Rosa/Gina love connection was not to happen. Still, who can be upset with how they (along with Amy) were able to hilariously bond one last time before the end of Chelsea Peretti’s farewell episode? The goodbye between the three women went down in true Brooklyn Nine-Nine fashion: played for laughs while also heartfelt as three very different characters acknowledged the unlikely bond they’d formed together. I’m going to miss these three as a unit.

Speaking of things to be missed about the Gina Linetti era of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chelsea Peretti went on in her chat with THR to explain what she’s going to miss about working with the Nine-Nine team on a regular basis:

I'm going to miss the fun of getting a script and reading the lines at a table read for the first time. Gina is always a funny accent to these table reads. But one of the things was the camaraderie that developed between the cast. And the inside jokes we have when we want a scene to end. There are so many funny inside jokes we’ve built up over the years. The good news is we have a text chain where we’re always texting back and forth. They didn’t cut me out of that yet, but we’ll see. [I’ll miss] seeing what Gina would do next, and what her potential is. And hanging out with the cast.

Chelsea Peretti still talks to the cast she left behind, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t elements of the series that she’ll miss! Fortunately, the manner of Gina’s departure left the door wide open for her to return, should the reason and opportunity arise. In fact, Peretti is returning for another episode in Season 6. Depending on what happens in the writers’ room and what’s happening with Peretti’s schedule, perhaps she’ll be able to return more than just the once in the future!

Only time will tell. At this point, there’s not even a guarantee that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a future beyond the current Season 6. Although it debuted on NBC with great numbers, the ratings and viewership have fallen in subsequent weeks. That said, most shows premiere with stronger numbers than subsequent episodes, and the ratings are still higher on NBC than they were on Fox. Hopefully Nine-Nine will be back for Season 7 and perhaps even beyond! Unlike The CW, NBC has not announced a bunch of renewals just yet.

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