Why Blacklist Fans Should Be Pumped For The Next Episode

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Fans of The Blacklist are heading into a substantial two-part installment this Friday. Like many of Season 6’s previous two-parters, it should be very exciting. Why should fans be pumped for it? Well, director Lisa Robinson helmed the first episode of the two-parter, and she shared with CinemaBlend what fans should be excited about. Robinson said:

I think this is both a classic Blacklist episode, which is a really exciting Blacklister story, but it is also diving deep into some of the threads that have been pulling the season along, since the beginning. I think there are some really exciting scenes between the main characters and certain things are coming to a head.We’re nearing the end of the season, and also there is a lot of push and pull happening between Dembe and Red and Liz. . . I was very excited when I read this episode. I feel like there is a lot of development of the characters here that is really exciting.

If you were somehow not pumped before, this compelling tease should more than do the trick. The first half of The Blacklist's next two-parter is the episode “The Brockton College Killer.” As the episode’s director and its title hint, the installment will see an intriguing Blacklister emerge.

The Task Force will have to investigate an old serial murder case that has recently garnered a newfound spotlight due to a popular true crime podcast. That investigation will be going while Ressler continues his detective work into the past of Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova.

Speaking of Katarina, Ressler’s investigation is not the only Katarina-related plot going on. Red will be paying a visit to her father and Liz’s grandfather, Dom. His reason? To seek Dom’s guidance in making a “difficult decision.”

Mythos-wise, fans will also be in for some tantalizing developments. NBC has teased Friday’s two-episode installment as relating heavily to Katarina. Liz’s mom remains an unsolved mystery. Her story is deeply connected to Red’s, whose past viewers undoubtedly always want to learn more about.

As fans know, the man known as Raymond Reddington was not always Reddington. Explaining how much the first half delves into Red’s mythos, director Lisa Robinson said:

I think there's so many layers to Red's character and James Spader just did such an amazing job of capturing all of them.

Red’s multiple layers continue to entertain as James Spader enthralls. Making difficult decisions is where both do some of their best work. Hence, the first half of Friday’s installment lays the groundwork for one such showcase.

Lisa Robinson is a director in NBC’s gender parity program, Female Forward. What did it mean for her to direct a drama with a strong and complicated female lead at the center of it? Robinson said:

I was really excited that there is such a strong female character on The Blacklist. Many of the stories that I’ve told before have centered around a strong female protagonist. I think it is also a very interesting time for this show. Because Megan’s character, she's always been, but even more so I feel like, she is showing a certain boldness, in terms of finding answers she wants. I think her relationship with Red has become quite complicated and interesting.

Season 6 has marked Liz and Red’s most complicated season to date. Liz once faked her death to get away from him and yet her actions in Season 6 superseded even that betrayal. She turned him into the police in a move that led to him getting arrested and nearly executed.

Actress Megan Boone has been tasked with playing all of those tough moments. Turning to Boone's performance, Lisa Robinson continued, saying:

Working with her in those scenes and just seeing how much she brings to it already, just from having lived with this character for six seasons. It is really exciting to see the depth, the emotions, and the layers of backstory that has formed that at work.

Megan Boone’s Liz has thrived in the face of a lot of adversity. How will she handle the rest of the season? Undoubtedly by giving more fantastic performances. As for Liz, time (and more episodes) will tell the tale.

Check out the thrilling action that transpires when The Blacklist continues with its two-hour event. It airs this Friday, April 26 starting at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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