Legacies Season 2 Will Introduce A Crazy New Vampire

MG and Kaleb in Legacies Season 2

Ever since Legacies kicked off its first episode with Landon stealing an important knife, the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted has been introducing us to new supernatural characters as well as more than a few monsters. That looks as if it will be continuing into Season 2, as Legacies is bringing in a brand new vampire.

This time around, we’re going to get a very different type of vampire than we are used to in this universe. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of vampires who have lived for quite some time on the show. However, creator Julie Plec says the new character won’t be used to the ways of the modern world at all.

Instead, this vampire will have been asleep since being made a vampire hundreds of years ago and will have to get used to the world as it is today when he wakes up. Hopefully, the Salvatore School will prove to be a good place for the vamp, although he may need to get used to the “no eating other students” rule.

We want to introduce a vampire who kind of got desiccated when he was 17 in maybe the 15th century and now wakes up in the 21st century and realizes that all the rules of being a vampire have changed and that he does not fit in into this very modern world.

It should be a bit of a fish-out-of-water story, or in this case, a vampire-out-of-coffin story. Vampires are pretty important to Legacies just as they were in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, but in the newer show they aren’t the focal point quite as often, as tribrid Hope Mikaelson, witches Josie and Lizzie, phoenix Landon and werewolf Rafael also get some major plots on the new show.

However, the show does have two major vampire characters in MG and Kaleb, the latter of whom looked like he would be a baddie before going through a bit of a transformation during Season 1. Of the two major vampire characters, both are teenagers and in her interview with TV Guide, Julie Plec also revealed that it’s a rule the supernatural characters at the school are all actually teenagers and not just supernatural characters who look like teens.

We're really excited about a new character that we're introducing. We really want to bring in an old, old, old-world vampire. We made the rule for our school that the vampires who go to our school actually need to be teenagers... not hundreds of years [old] because then you get into some creepy math.

This is why the new vampire character will still technically fit within the premise of the show, as the vamp’s emotional age should be the same as the other teens. It should actually be really fascinating to see how the new vampire fits in with the other teens, not to mention other fanged friends like MG and Kaleb.

So far, Julie Plec is remaining mum about the new vampire’s name, although she did mention it’s another male vampire. Luckily, we’ll be able to learn more in the coming months. Legacies has already officially been renewed for Season 2 and will be back on The CW this fall. It'll be paired with the final season of Supernatural, so it should be a great lineup. For more on the fall schedule, check out our guide.

Jessica Rawden
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