Will Star Trek: Discovery Bring Ethan Peck And Anson Mount Back As Spock And Pike?

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 seemed like a big gamble for the franchise, especially when it was announced it would feature one of the most revered characters. Luckily, audiences seemed to really love Ethan Peck's bearded Spock, and were engaged by Anson Mount elevating the character of Christopher Pike with his performance. Everybody want more of them, Rebecca's Romijn's "Number One," and the Enterprise on Discovery, but will we actually get more? Here's what co-showrunner and EP Alex Kurtzman had to say.

I would be remiss in saying you’re going to see Spock again on Discovery because we’ve obviously jumped so far into the future that it wouldn’t make sense…. But the idea of bringing Ethan [Peck] back, and Anson [Mount] and Rebecca [Romijn] and the Enterprise, I mean, we loved it so much, and to find a way to do that is definitely something we’re thinking about.

As fans have learned previously, Star Trek: Discovery's jump to the future is going to make it difficult for that crew to reunite with Pike, Spock, and the Enterprise crew. Even if these characters were to develop some form of time travel, the fact that each Anson Mount's Pike and Ethan Peck's Spock has a defined path in the Prime timeline from here on out does limit the creative team's options. They'd have to mess with the timeline if they tried to find Michael.

Of course, there is a bit of a silver lining to this rain cloud, as Alex Kurtzman did tease to TrekCore.com he and the Star Trek team are looking into ways to bring Ethan Peck, Anson Mount, and Rebecca Romjin's characters back into the fold. That means audiences could be seeing them back soon enough on one of the other shows in development regardless of what happens on Discovery.

While it's offhandedly plausible Alex Kurtzman could be in discussions to get the characters in that Nickelodeon CGI series or the adult-animation comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks, the most obvious option here would be to feature the pre-Kirk Enterprise crew in a future episode of Short Treks. Perhaps a mini-episode that shows the team working together, or maybe the day that leads up to Captain Pike's tragic incident?

After all, we saw Spock visit Talos IV which is where he'd take the injured Pike years later in the original Star Trek. We also saw Pike learn of his fate long before it happened when he took the time crystal, which was a new bit of information.

Is it possible there's another chapter in which Pike tells Spock he wants to return to Talos IV following his injury? If so, I'd love to see that exchange. Or something else, even.

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For now, we can only wait and see what Alex Kurtzman has planned for the world of Star Trek. Discovery Season 3 is currently in the planning stages, with a release likely happening next year. CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for updates on all upcoming projects as well as more on other events happening in television and movies.

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