The 100's Henry Ian Cusick Just Got A Major New TV Role, So Don't Expect Him Back

The 100 Henry Ian Cusick Marcus Kane
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Fans of The CW drama The 100 should not be getting any Welcome Back banners ready for Henry Ian Cusick. Those thinking that The Passage's cancellation at Fox would pave the way for the actor’s return will need to stay strong. Cusick has landed a major new TV role on an established action series that would make it hard for him to pull double duties.

Where is Henry Ian Cusick going if he is not headed back to The 100? The Lost vet will be skipping all summer television shows to star in the fourth season of CBS’ MacGyver in a pivotal capacity. He landed the series regular role of a multi-faceted character named Russ.

Henry Ian Cusick’s character is described as a real dealer. According to TVLine, he's a “master manipulator” and “salesman.” Russ is former military man who is armed with a quick wit, and also boasts skills in propaganda and detecting deception. Not to mention an extremely adept intellect for emotion. A lot going on with this guy, and there is even more.

Russ is also rich, as in mega-millions. Among the things he enjoys spending his money on is his house in Monte Carlo, and all of the usual (material) suspects he can surround himself with. Russ sounds destined to shake things up for Lucas Till's crafty operative in MacGyver's fourth season, which is also giving another established character more to do when the episodes start back up again.

Fans of Henry Ian Cusick will undoubtedly rejoice at a new platform procuring his talents, and in such an intriguing role, too. However, it is sad news for fans of The 100 that very much want Cusick back as Marcus Kane. Despite Cusick’s absence, The 100 does have Kane around via a plot twist.

He is among the living, albeit in another person’s body, so the character is technically still a presence on The 100. However, Henry Ian Cusick is not the one playing him, as Kane is now being portrayed by actor Greyston Holt. Withstanding another major twist, it would seem that Holt could be playing him indefinitely.

Let's all hope for Henry Ian Cusick's sake that his gig on MacGyver lasts a while, since The 100 is the only multi-season role he's had since Lost. Beyond a decent handful of appearances in shows such as Hawaii 5-0 and Scandal, he was recently in ABC's doomed-from-the-start Marvel miniseries Inhumans in 2017, and then 2019 brought the sadly short-lived thriller that was The Passage.

You can catch Henry Ian Cusick on MacGyver when Season 4 premieres during the midseason, since it will not be back this fall. New episodes of The 100 air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The first five seasons of The 100 are currently available to binge on Netflix, along with other new content.

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