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Will Dwight And Sherry Get A Happy Ending On Fear The Walking Dead?

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Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

After spending the previous two episodes broadening the franchise's helicopter mystery that took Rick Grimes away from the flagship drama, Fear the Walking Dead shifted some of its focus to Season 5's other big crossover element, Austin Amelio's Dwight. Not to mention the big introduction for the group's latest mode of one-time transportation, Jimbo's Augie Ale hot air balloon.

The episode "The Little Prince," named after the iconic novella that's central to Lucy's survival, once again paired up Austin Amelio with Garret Dillahunt and sent Dwight and John out in quest mode to try and track Sherry down. Things took a turn that, while fans might have seen it coming, still has us wondering where this storyline is going next, and whether or not Fear the Walking Dead will give Dwight and Sherry a happy ending of sorts. Let's discuss.

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Where Is Sherry?

Sherry's current situation perhaps isn't the biggest mystery at the center of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, but it is a question that TWD fans have held onto since she first skipped out of the franchise back in Season 7. She technically appeared again in Season 8 through actress Christine Evangelina's voiceover, when Dwight found the note that sent him on his cross-country journey, but she hasn't shown up physically in two and a half years.

Viewers only have access to the information that Dwight has – and now what John has, of course – so we mainly know that she followed interstates until relatively recently (as it were) switching over to smaller roads. It's not so clear why Sherry still chooses to stay on the move, as opposed to finding a suitable location to settle down for a while. It'd have been a lot easier for Dwight to find her if she stuck around places a little longer to see if he would show up.

Case in point: Dwight said he found food and other supplies within that house, which he took as proof that Sherry had been there. But why didn't she take most of it when she left? I get that she would have wanted to leave something for Dwight if he found the place, but supplies aren't exactly easy-peasy to find these days.

Did she possibly leave more than enough in the house to suggest that Dwight move into that house for a little while? Maybe it was so she could double back and visit the house later to check in on him?

Regardless of Sherry's intentions, it's not likely that Dwight will choose to stick around that house now. Especially since he thinks he's back in the hunt.

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How Will John's Lie Affect Dwight's Search?

John certainly found himself in a pickle of a conundrum when he came across what we can assume is Sherry's final letter to Dwight. Below is everything the letter said:

D, I had to kill someone. A man back at that diner. He almost killed me. I know we've both seen so much. Too much. But I still don't like the thought of you out there looking for me in all that death. I don't want that for you, D.I don't want you to kill yourself trying to find me. I wouldn't be able to live with that. I want you to stop looking for me if you're still looking. I know that I gave you hope, but now I want to give you a chance. I'm getting out of this place, and so should you. This will be my last letter. Even though this is the end of us, please don't let this be the end for you, too.Find something to live for and live. I love you forever, Honey.

Rather than throwing a hurricane on Dwight's newly hopeful parade by telling him about the letter, John put on his worst possible poker face and lied about not finding anything in the van. To tell the truth would have meant immediately admitting to Dwight that John's determination and steely will are not universal to everyone in the post-apocalypse. Delivering such negative news is not in John's repertoire.

Barring a full confession, John essentially has two options for what to do next. One would be to come up with a way to make Dwight once again independently decide to stop looking for Sherry. Not the likeliest outcome at this point, considering John stoked the hell out of Dwight's confidence.

The other option is for John to just keep on looking for Sherry with Dwight, despite the fact that he knows she no longer wants to be found. This would likely cause a clash in ideals for John, for as we've said before, he doesn't deal with dishonesty very well.

However, the sharpshooter has also been bolstered by an unending streak of circumstantial luck and goodwill since becoming part of Alicia and Morgan's ensemble. So John may very well start to believe that the two of them can still track Sherry down even without her (already hard-to-follow) clues. But will it be the first time this season when that luck runs drier than Humbug's Gulch?

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Will Fear The Walking Dead Give Dwight And Sherry A Happy Ending, Or A Happy Anything?

Considering how things usually go in this franchise, and for Dwight in particular, the smart money would be on Dwight and Sherry's story reaching a grim and possibly heartbreaking conclusion at some point. The worst case scenario, of course, would be for Dwight to discover Sherry's corpse, and to learn that he could have saved her life had he only shown up a little sooner.

For example, if Sherry ended up coming into contact with some of the irradiated walkers and didn't know to properly pick them off, that could be how she sealed her own fate. Or maybe she found that denim factory and ended up on the wrong end of a weapon brandished by Matt Frewer's Logan. Or maybe she meant a more permanent solution when saying she was "getting out of this place."

The less deadly version of that scenario would have Dwight finding Sherry again, but learning that she'd joined a new group and started a romantic relationship with another survivor. It's a long shot, since she cared for Dwight long enough to keep leaving all these letters in the first place, but perhaps letting go of Dwight is what she needed to truly move forward in all this time she spent on the road.

Yet another avenue of speculation would have Sherry getting picked up (or killed) by Isabelle or one of the other helicopter pilots that are out there looking for water purification supplies. She might have even been desperate enough to ask to join them. How crazy would it be if Sherry and Rick ended up becoming fast friends wherever the helicopter group's headquarters is?

The Walking Dead Comics Are Officially Ending With Look At Rick's Death Aftermath

To counter all those doomsday arguments, though, is the more hopeful tone and approach to the apocalypse that Fear the Walking Dead started building towards in Season 4. Granted, terrible shit still happens all the time, and almost always when Strand is involved, but this season's entire philosophy has been one imbued with aspirations and big-picture goals.

So if the good vibrations remain the law of the land throughout the next 10 episodes, Dwight and Sherry could potentially reconnect in the near future, with the chance to possibly rekindle their romance that Negan all but destroyed. If John and June have anything to say about it, Fear the Walking Dead fans might be getting a full wedding episode before the end of Season 5. Let us know in the poll below what you guys think will happen.

Other Thoughts From This Episode

Was anybody else out there also disappointed (in an understanding way) by Dwight never mentioning Negan's name while hinting at his and Sherry's backstory? I totally get why he wouldn't want to give the name power in front of strangers, but I think it would be kind of awesome for Negan to become a folklorish boogeyman across the country.

Grace isn't actually going off to die, right? That would be such a weirdly limited use of Karen David's talents, as interesting as Grace's reveals have been.

Things I want but don't need: a web series spinoff of Morgan in a mall testing out possible replacements for his now-unusable stick.

This might have been my favorite episode of the series had that propeller sliced through a swath of those kid characters after it flew off of the plane.

Morgan could probably teach a night school class in Delivering Inspirational Speeches Like Rick Grimes.

I wish it was Sherry, and not John, that was heard reading the letter. It would have made me that much more agreeable that things might turn out okay for the couple.

Do all of those kids know how to do the "tie walkers' guts together to make a roadblock" thing, or do Annie and Max just blow everyone else away in terms of technique?

Only Strand would take a child up on a hot air balloon trip where there all guarantees were off after the thing got in the air. Honestly, why did anyone think that was going to turn out better than it did when their entire planning period spanned the time it took to down a hot beer?

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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