Check Out Patrick Stewart's New Look And Dog For CBS All Access' Star Trek: Picard Series

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Before the end of 2019, Star Trek: Picard will premiere on CBS All Access. Unfortunately, we're still in the dark on when exactly it is coming, but there's been a slow drip of more and more about the series (and others) coming out as of late that gives the impression a release date is coming soon. The latest of these is a newly-released poster for the unique show, which shows the former Starfleet Captain (and Admiral)! And also a dog.

The two have their back to the viewer, and appear to be observing the vineyard teased in Star Trek: Picard's first trailer. Take a look.

star trek picard poster patrick stewart dog

(Image credit: CBS All Access)

Jean-Luc Picard is not the first Starfleet captain to own a dog, and let's remember, he's apparently not with Starfleet anymore. Instead, he's living life and working in his family's trade, although the skyline doesn't make it look as though he's back on Earth. Others may notice this dog has a Starfleet insignia around its collar, so what's that about?

Unless Starfleet is now accepting canines, it’s far more likely that dog is wearing Picard’s old Starfleet sigil. Whether that’s a way for folks to know it belongs to him, or it symbolizes how Picard feels about his time in Starfleet we can only speculate. It has been revealed that Star Trek: Picard will show a different side of the character in this follow-up series, so perhaps the dog in the poster is tied to that in some way.

For example, what if the pressure of serving as Admiral and the decisions he made in the role caused him to have a breakdown of sorts? What if this dog is a service dog that helps him cope when the thoughts of things he’s done start to overwhelm him.

Perhaps the dog signifies his status in life, which to this point seems to be a life of solitude. That is to say it doesn’t appear there’s a Mrs. Picard in the picture, at least at the moment. The dog being next to him as opposed to some other person may signify that’s the closest companion he has right now, which may mean he’s been living life closed off and at arm’s length from old friends and colleagues.

Any of this could be true, or none of it. We’re left to speculate because so little is known about Star Trek: Picard despite its premiere coming this year. Hopefully, with San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, more details will be released about what’s going on with Picard, his dog, and this cast full of faces new to the Trek universe.

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Until then, Star Trek: Picard is premiering later in 2019 on CBS All Access (opens in new tab). Stick with CinemaBlend for more details on the series as they roll out, and for more news on upcoming television and movies.

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