Will Maggie Return In The Walking Dead Season 10? New Updates Sound Hopeful

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Ever since Maggie left the action on The Walking Dead, there has been one thing on the minds of fans: getting her back! Lauren Cohan exited the series following a brief stint in Season 9. She went on to star in ABC’s now definitely-cancelled action caper, Whiskey Cavalier. Well, there is hope Cohan could be walking with the dead again.

Back in March, Lauren Cohan had given an update on her character’s situation on The Walking Dead. With her network show over, could she return as Maggie for Season 10? The Walking Dead’s showrunner, Angela Kang, offered a hopeful update on the matter. Kang told EW:

I’m not sure if I can say much about it right now actually. I’ll just say that we’re working on it.

Working on it works! Does this mean something is actively in progress? One would think so. Lauren Cohan previously opened up about the talk surrounding her salary with the show. At the time, she pointed out that Maggie’s story would be left open-ended, leaving the door open for her to potentially return.

Questions reportedly remain as to whether the actress would be able to be fit into Season 10 at this point. The showrunner is saying Maggie’s return is getting worked on. Something that would seem to suggest there is a good reason for fans to remain hopeful. Remember, Season 10 is adding a character from the comics with significant ties to Maggie.

Will Maggie be part of the on-screen equation? The actress has talked positively about the show when reflecting on her character’s exit last year. What turned out to be Rick’s final episode doubled as Maggie’s too. Despite a lot of speculation that he would get killed off, Rick will be back for a trilogy of movies on AMC.

Rick’s future is settled. As Season 10 gets closer to airing, Maggie’s fate should be better known too. What The Walking Dead’s showrunner said about not being able to say much is a good sign. Secrecy hopefully hints at developments. You just never know, though. A lot goes into crafting an actor and their character’s return. It is not as simple as it seems.

One would think that figuring out how Maggie could return The Walking Dead was considered when she was written off. Plus, there were signs early on this year that Whiskey Cavalier may not continue past Season 1, per the ratings. You have to imagine that the AMC series was keeping an eye on that and planning accordingly.

While if and how Maggie will return is currently a mystery, there are better-known details. Season 10 will feature a war against the Whisperers that is different from the one with the Saviors, so buckle up for that. The show should also live on for “many years” so she should be able to make it back at some point.

With or without Maggie, The Walking Dead will return for its Season 10 premiere sometime this fall on AMC. In the meantime, you can relive Maggie’s best moments by streaming the series on Netflix, along with other newly arrived content. Before the dead walk back to television, the rest of summer’s television premieres remain.

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