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Ronnie Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 is officially underway, and as audiences expected, we're getting the inside scoop on the major events that went down in the cast members' lives during the offseason. This includes all things Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who had quite a few headline-making moments alongside all The Situation's legal drama. This included the announcement of a new child on the way, which gave those most familiar with his girlfriend Jen a big pause.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans aren't the only ones who had thoughts about that announcement, of course, as Ronnie's TV family had their own opinions to share as well. Check out a clip from the episode in which Ronnie drops the bomb about his pregnancy scare, followed the squad roasting him for that and his other life decisions.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation gang was far more unfiltered about Ronnie in their confessional interviews, but that face-to-face exchange surely wasn't such a joyous occasion for Ronnie. Reactions ranged from general shock to Vinny specifically telling Ronnie to "pull the fuck out," which really wasn't helpful advice at this stage in the game. JWoww in particular made it clear she's not a big fan of that pregnancy happening, which may have successfully lit the fuse for an oncoming Ron-page.

Ronnie is likely disappointed in all of his friends reactions, but as he stated in Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Season 3 premiere, JWoww's judgements tend to especially irk him. Ronnie isn't a fan of how she frequently offers overly frank opinions on his personal matters, while at the same time refusing to discuss anything happening in her ongoing divorce and drama with ex-beau Roger Matthews on camera. Don't be surprised if the two go head-to-head following this less-than-warm fireside chat.

With that said, let's also remember that there's a good chance Ronnie might not be all that truthful to his friends or the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cameras. Viewers already know things went south between Ronnie and Jen not long after these first few episodes were filmed, and that Ronnie may have lied about the circumstances behind a black eye that he claimed came from a mugging that occurred the night before The Situation's sentencing.

Also, Ronnie and Jen Harley did make a pregnancy announcement in late 2018, but further investigation revealed the whole thing to be some form of prank. Whether it was an inside joke to the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, or something else we don't know, it does not currently appear that Harley is or was pregnant around this time. So did Jen and Ronnie actually think she was with child, or is this just some practical joke meant to stir up some real drama?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is the place to find out, and episodes are all new on MTV on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on summer shows, and other news in the world of television and movies.

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