Henry Cavill's The Witcher Trailer Is A Gorgeous Look At The Fantasy World

Fans of The Witcher book series and video games have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of the Henry Cavill starring series on Netflix, and now we finally have a trailer to sink our monster-hunting teeth into. And there's already some good news, because the show has crafted a gorgeous looking fantasy world. Take a look:

Um...Yes, please! I have to say, as someone who has neither read the books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski or played any of The Witcher video games, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the show other than so good old fantastical fun. Now, though, it's pretty clear that this is a show to look out for as the year goes on, especially if you're having Game of Thrones withdrawal. There don't appear to be any dragons, ice zombies or twincest siblings around in The Witcher, but it's clear that there will still be plenty of nasty monsters, deadly battles and a whole lot of good looking people.

The Witcher, which is, in fact, based on the previously mentioned series of novels as opposed to the similarly popular video games, will focus on Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher (a.k.a. monster hunter) who uses his supernatural abilities to track down dangerous creatures on the Continent, during a time when the separation between humans and monsters is wearing thin. When destiny leads him to cross paths with the powerful sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) and a princess, Ciri (Freya Allan), with some impressive powers of her own, they team up to face the increasing dangers of the Continent.

And, those dangers appear to be almost never-ending, which sounds about right for a world where war-happy human, elves, gnomes and dwarves co-exist with werewolves, vampires and, apparently, really nasty giant-ass swamp spiders. The dangers of the Continent aren't just in the magical beasts, though, as humanity seems just as happy to cause trouble, and even killed off the elves who taught them "to turn chaos into magic" to help fend off all those mean critters.

By the way, did you hear that spider growl when it surfaced from that murky, foggy swamp? You have to be pretty used to monsters to not flinch at something like that, so, good on you Geralt, for not peeing your pants. If we weren't fully on your side before, we certainly are now.

Unfortunately, The Witcher (opens in new tab) still doesn't have a set release date from Netflix, but the streamer has promised that the eight-episode series, which wrapped production in May, will debut later this year. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend so you can keep up with the latest news on The Witcher and everything else movies, TV and pop culture!

Adrienne Jones
Senior Content Creator

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