Is This How Legacies Season 2 Brings Vampire Diaries' Kai Into The Merge Storyline?

Chris Wood as Kai Parker on The Vampire Diaries The CW

How much can we trust Alaric Saltzman actor Matthew Davis? The Vampire Diaries and The Originals alum just unloaded so much info about Legacies Season 2, it seems ... suspect.

Also, when sitting down with the press (including CinemaBlend) during San Diego Comic-Con, he prefaced his speech by saying he wanted to play a game of "Maybe, Maybe Not." So it wasn't clear how much of what he said about Alaric's storyline -- and what could be ahead for Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) and the twins -- was real and how much was not-quite-real.

With that in mind, what Matt Davis said about the Gemini Coven Merge and Vampire Diaries' villain Kai Parker (Chris Wood) made enough sense that it could be a legit teaser/spoiler for Legacies Season 2.

Talking about what may or may not be ahead in Legacies Season 2, Matt Davis mentioned a possible dilemma for Alaric over twin daughters Lizzie (Jenny Body) and Josie Saltzman (Kaylee Bryant). It certainly sounds like he's referencing the twins' crazy Uncle Kai in the rundown below:

His daughters are also pressuring Alaric to cough up information about The Merge that he may or may not be keeping from them. Because he may have a secret that could unlock the problem and save both of his daughters, but if he tells them, they might take that key to save themselves and unlock a door to a dimension that may or may not release somebody that they may or may not be related to into the world, which might be a bigger danger all around for the town. So Alaric may or may not be stuck in a position where he might have to sacrifice one of his daughters to save the greater good, because if he saves both his daughters, it might unleash a darkness so terrible it might be more dangerous to more people. Maybe. And this may or may not happen just in the first two episodes.

Stefan save us, that's a lot to take in! Remember, this is part of his clearly well-rehearsed Maybe/Maybe Not game. But the Legacies Season 1 finale already showed Josie and Lizzie finding the Ascendant relic they don't quite fully remember using as children to help Bonnie Bennett trap Kai in his current Prison World. That's where we left Kai in The Vampire Diaries, and that's where he remains unless the twins free him.

So the idea that Kai re-enters the story through a way of saving the twins from The Merge? Believable.

The idea of Alaric sacrificing one of his daughters for the greater good? Less believable, although I could believe it as a Legacies plot point to explore. Talk about a Sophie's Choice. That has always been the threat of The Merge, though, that Gemini Coven twins have to face off at age 22 with the "stronger" twin absorbing the magic of the "weaker" twin who then dies.

Legacies Season 1 eventually explained Caroline Forbes' absence from the Salvatore School she should be co-running with Alaric by saying she was in Europe trying to find ways for the twins to avoid The Merge. Could what Matt Davis described be something Caroline discovered in her research?

Lizzie actress Jenny Boyd said during 2019 Comic-Con that the Legacies Season 2 premiere would mention Lizzie visiting Caroline. Maybe that's when we'll get a Merge update?

It doesn't sound like fans should expect to see Caroline actress Candice King or Kai actor Chris Wood in the first couple of episodes. Also during Comic-Con, producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews admitted they haven't gotten any past Vampire Diaries or The Originals cast members back yet. They even wrote a scene for one The Originals character and had to change it because of a scheduling conflict.

Julie Plec and Brett Matthews both said Kai Parker would be the first name on their list for Legacies Season 2, since they did seem to set up a storyline for him in the Season 1 finale. Interestingly, though, Matthews added of Kai, "I think that would be a cameo." It seems to me that if they did release Kai he would be back for more than a cameo, so maybe -- if Chris Wood ever decides to come on the show -- they just visit Kai in his Prison World and leave him there?

Matt Davis also had a lot to say about Alaric -- remembering that it's Maybe/Maybe Not -- including that he doesn't get to return as headmaster and instead becomes principal of Mystic Falls High School, with the new Salvatore school headmaster having a very different more open view of supernatural powers. He also said Alaric would finally get a love interest with the new sheriff in town, which led everyone present for his spiel to joke about Sheriff Matt Donovan.

How much of that is true and how much is embellished or more? Hard to say. It's hard to imagine he really just spilled all the beans that he spilled -- there's more about Hope, and Hope and Alaric tracking a monster -- without it being considered too spoilery.

We do know that an ancient teen vampire will be coming in Legacies Season 2, and he will indeed be a new love interest for Lizzie, as I hoped. It was also announced, via TVLine, that we'll meet a new brother-sister duo, and both characters have a crush on Hope. (Sorry, Landon.) Sadly, it sounds like there are no current plans to bring back Penelope Park. (Sorry, Posie shippers.)

But it's early days, and it sounds like the cast was only talking about the scripts for the first two episodes. There will be 20 episodes in Season 2, which is an exciting upgrade.

Answers will arrive with Legacies Season 2, which premieres Thursday, October 10 on The CW.

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