Will Legacies Season 2 Bring Back Penelope? Julie Plec Gives Heartbroken Fans Hope

Lulu Antariksa as Penelope Park on Legacies The CW

Legacies fans, much like Josie Saltzman, are not over Penelope Park's exit. Penelope was one of the most complex and fascinating characters on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals spinoff series. Actress Lulu Antariksa left the show last week in Episode 14, "Let's Just Finish the Dance," and fans have been vocal in their displeasure. Julie Plec runs the entire Vampire Diaries Universe, and during the airing of the March 21 Episode 15, she took a moment to acknowledge both the happy and heartbroken fans:

If you check out the replies to Legacies creator Julie Plec's tweet, you'll find many responses from fans hoping she means Penelope Park will return to Legacies for Season 2. We're down to just one episode left in Season 1, airing March 28, and since Penelope just left for Belgium, it's not likely we'll see her again this season. The CW did renew Legacies for Season 2, but it doesn't look like they've started production yet. Perhaps through her address to heartbroken fans, Julie Plec was hinting to adding Penelope back into the story for the 2019-2020 season. That's just a hope at this point, and not confirmed.

Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman and Lulu Antariksa as Penelope Park on Legacies Season 1 The CW

If Legacies really wants to make fans happy, not only should Penelope Park return, the show should do whatever it takes (Klaroline forever) to get Candice King on the show as Caroline, plus Chris Wood as Kai Parker. I know Julie Plec and the cast would love to have them, it's just a matter of the stars having the time and interest.

The show references Caroline all the dang time -- the March 28 episode even had Alaric sit down and explain The Merge to Josie and Lizzie, a conversation their mother Caroline clearly should've been part of.

Candice King as Caroline Forbes with young Lizzie and Josie Saltzman on The Vampire Diaries

The Saltzman twins' Uncle Kai, another Vampire Diaries character, would also be a smart one to bring back since he's directly tied to the Gemini Coven Merge storyline. Episode 15's "I'll Tell You A Story" also referenced Hope Mikaelson's Aunt Freya, and it turns out Freya was the one to explain The Merge -- off-camera.

Legacies has really established its own voice in its first season, introducing unique characters like Penelope Park, with no previous connection to The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. In that way, Legacies caters to both longtime fans of The Vampire Diaries Universe and newbies who are just drawn to the young cast, and especially the various relationships.

Posie fans hope Penelope and Josie can get back together in Season 2, but there are fans who also ship Josie with Hope (who just said she loves Landon) and Josie was also crushing on Rafael at one point. (Raf is now also crushing on Hope - a very popular girl, as she deserves to be).

Legacies Season 1 is meant to end on some major cliffhangers, for Landon, for Alaric, for Hope, for Josie, for everyone. Episode 16, "There's Always a Loophole," airs Thursday, March 28 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. After that, Legacies Season 2 should arrive in the fall, following the precedent set by the October debut of Season 1.

Which new and old characters would you like to see return in Legacies Season 2?

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