John Wick's Spinoff Series The Continental Will Be A Prequel

John Wick Keanu Reeves
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John Wick’s much-anticipated spinoff series The Continental will be a prequel. This is another piece to the elaborate puzzle that is the upcoming TV show, since its home had already been announced. The spinoff is heading for the premium cabler, Starz. What has been up in the air is when it would take place in the movie franchise timeline.

Fans are a little closer to the answer thanks to what Starz’s COO, Jeffrey Hirsch, had to say at the TCAs. TCA member Diane Gordon tweeted about Hirsch confirming that The Continental will actually be a prequel to the John Wick film series. Take a look:

There is still a considerable mystery, though. How much does “way earlier” translate to, exactly? Could it take place in the ‘90s? The ‘80s? Blink once if Star Trek had already premiered! Okay, consider me incredibly curious. This reveal answers a lot of questions, while opening the door to many more.

When Starz was initially announced as The Continental’s home, a few plot points regarding the series were released. The show was said to take place at a Continental hotel in Los Angeles, which is a coast away from John Wick’s usual hangout. For those who may need a refresher, a Continental hotel is a hot spot for professional assassins in the John Wick universe.

In many ways, it is a world unto itself. A physical manifestation of the complicated universe that houses its characters. To say it is an appropriate setting for the TV show would be an understatement.

There is one character/actor from the John Wick franchise you can cross off your list of potential on-screen guests. Earlier this year, Ian McShane indicated he had no plans to reprise his role as Winston for the series. He did say he would be willing to give them a voice-over. So, that is something!

You would think that The Continental would want to at least keep the door open to a John Wick/Keanu Reeves cameo. At one point, he was reported to have one. If that remains the case, The Continental should not pre-date the character’s adulthood.

Potentially hearing about John Wick and gleaning more information about his backstory would provide quite a hook for viewers to visit The Continental. You can still count on the movies for your Wick needs, though. Regarding the film franchise, Keanu Reeves has said he would continue going “as far as the audience wants to go.”

When it comes to spinoffs, prequels are currently a very popular choice. Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings are both plotting towards the past in their upcoming TV shows. Hence, this John Wick news sort of fits with the trajectory other franchises have taken when it comes to shaping their television landscape.

It will be interesting to find out how far back The Continental takes things. While you anxiously await the premiere of the John Wick television series, let this summer’s premieres help keep you satiated.

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