Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto And Will It Be Used?

Big Brother 21 2019 Nick won the Veto necklace

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Yes, it will. He did it! Nick Maccarone needed to save his own butt in Big Brother 21 Week 5 and he did it. He won the Veto. Take that, Six Shooters. However, that's probably bad news for Nick's buddy Sam Smith, unless The House decides to evict whoever sits next to Sam on the block on Thursday, August 1, 2019. More on that below. I'm happy about this, as long as it doesn't mean anything bad for my girl Nicole Anthony.

Holly Allen -- aka ex-girlfriend of The Bachelorette's other Luke P. -- won the endurance Head of Household, which was shown on the live feeds late Thursday night. She nominated Nick and Sam for eviction. The Power of Veto competition was held late on Saturday, July 27. The Veto players were HOH Holly, nominees Sam and Nick, and Tommy Bracco, Cliff Hogg III, and Jessica Milagros. Jack Matthews -- who should've been evicted last week -- hosted the Veto comp.

So, theoretically, if Cliff or Jessica had won the Veto, they could've taken down Sam or Nick. Nick did ask last week's HoH Cliff if he would take him down, if Cliff won. Cliff replied that he felt like he would be obligated. However, he wanted to "double check" to make sure it was OK with Holly. Cliff is trying to stay good with both Nick and the majority alliance. Hey, it's a game. If it works for him, great. If it only works to help The Six Shooters, I hope he looks back with some regret and future Big Brother players learn not to play the majority alliance's game for them.

Moot point, though, because Cliff didn't win the Veto. That's probably a slight relief for Cliff, but in the back of his mind he has to remember that this group lied to him and told him he'd be safe, then voted to evict him in the Cliff/Nicole vote.

The Six Shooters, and quite vocally power holder Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera, want Nick out this week over Sam. Sam had been feeling pretty confident that he'd survive no matter what, even if Nick came down and Holly replaced him with someone like Jess or Nicole. But the Six Shooters were pretty clear about wanting either Nick or Sam out.

Big Brother 21 2019 Tommy in poison ivy spots Sam in sunglasses Cliff in hat CBS

But now we have to see what happens at Monday's Veto Ceremony -- in addition to seeing what happens with that three-person picnic that's supposed to leave one houseguest's game in jeopardy. For the Veto ceremony, Nick will obviously take himself down off the block. Who will replace him as nominee next to Sam? Christie won't be using her power, since there's no need. Sam and Nick were trying to throw Nicole (or Jess) under the bus to be bigger targets, and Sam will likely keep working that angle.

However, Kathryn Dunn already had a conversation with a few members of Six Shooters and volunteered to be a replacement nominee. She'd pretend to be upset but it would be planned, to help cover her butt as a spy for both sides of the house. Sam would still leave, in that scenario.

Sam had been trying to push for Holly to put Jess on the block. There's no chance of that. Holly did consider putting Nicole up, though. If she nominated Kat, Kat would be a pawn next to Sam. If she nominated Nicole, Nicole would be her target. She's leaning heavily toward Sam as her target, though, at least as of Saturday evening. Nicole and Nick would remain targets for next week.

So it looks right now like Sam is leaving, but we know we have to Expect The Unexpected on Big Brother. Maybe Sam will successfully convince Holly to put up Nicole or Jess and the house will vote to evict one of them instead of him. He could argue that he'd be a great shield or weapon to use when it's time for the Six Shooters to turn on each other.

Christie really wants Sam gone, though, and she tends to get her way. If she changes her mind, The House could also change its mind, so we'll see. Also, Christie probably thinks she'll be the replacement nominee, since [checks watch] it's time for her weekly paranoia freakout. So we can look forward to that again.

This week's Have-Nots were also picked, and the three houseguests were determined by their performances in the Head of Household competition. So Jessica, Nicole, and Sam -- the first three to drop -- were made Have-Nots. Still waiting for Jackson Michie to be punished for eating regular food while on slop last week, but I have a feeling that'll be a long wait.

Also, during the HoH endurance competition, houseguests who dropped had to pick chips, with two getting a punishment. Christie and Tommy got poison ivy punishments, covering them in spots:

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