Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto, Will Christie Use Her Power?

Big Brother 21 Jackson has Veto necklace talking to Kat CBS

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Who has the real power in Big Brother 21 Week 4? Is it new Head of Household Cliff Hogg III? Is it new Power of Veto winner Jackson Michie? Is it Panic Power/Diamond Veto holder Christie Murphy? Or is it the majority of the 2019 House?

On Friday, July 19, Cliff did the Lord's work and nominated the unpopular Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie for eviction.

On Saturday, July 20, the Power of Veto competition was held. The Veto players were Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Analyse, Kat, and Sam.

Jackson won POV. The second the live feeds returned after the comp was held, Jackson was already bragging. The entire house was sitting there listening to him explain how he won.

So Jackson will take himself down off the block during Monday's Veto Ceremony -- unless he's a total fool. When Jackson comes off the block, who will go up? Well, that's where Christie's power gets interesting.

Christie can pull someone off the nomination block and then, instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the Veto holder names the replacement. But she can only use that power once. Will she use it on Monday? After the Veto competition, she started freaking out about whether to use her power or not. She wanted to talk to Cliff about who Cliff would put up if Jackson just came down as normal and Cliff named the replacement.

Christie and Cliff did talk, and tried to come up with a deal. However, we won't know until Monday's Veto Ceremony whether Cliff really plans to go through with it. Christie wants to backdoor Bella Wang. She wants to hold on to her power and have Cliff simply nominate Bella in Jackson's place. In exchange, she's willing to promise Cliff safety. She did tell her crew about that idea, saying she can't speak for everyone but she would be true to her word and thinks it would be best.

Cliff went into this week with the plan of targeting Jack for eviction. He doesn't want Christie to use her power either. He originally wanted to just replace Jackson with someone like Analyse Talavera, Holly Allen, or Tommy Bracco -- someone who would not be voted out next to Jack, but also someone Jack is aligned with so he loses a vote.

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My gut -- for whatever that's worth -- says Christie will not use her power. She'll roll the dice and then cry but make excuses to her crew if Jack leaves. There was a time when Christie recognized Jack as a threat and didn't want to play his game. Will that Christie return, now that her own future could be on the line?

If Christie did use her power to save Jack, and someone like Bella went up in his place, who would sit next to Bella? Sis or Holly? If Christie does nothing, will Jack leave or will whoever sits next to Jack leave? Ten people can vote this week. What if it's a tie? Then HoH Cliff could break the tie.

Apparently something new happened that turned people even more against Bella. Gr8ful wants Nick Maccarone and Bella out, but they also feel threatened by Sam Smith. This week, they just want to try and rally the vote to get Bella out. It's being pitched as a safe move for Cliff. No blood, no waves. But Cliff may want to make waves after feeling betrayed by Gr8ful. They all lied to him about the last vote.

I don't even know what's going to happen next, which makes things exciting. The Veto Ceremony is sometimes anticlimactic, but it might be a corker this week.

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Sunday's episode shows Cliff's HoH win and his Jack/Jackson nominations. Wednesday will show Jackson's PoV comp win. On Thursday, July 25 we'll get the live eviction of ... Jack? That would be awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing the back of Bella either, though.

Big Brother airs at 8 p.m. Sundays, but with Love Island now playing during the week, Big Brother airs at 9 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday on CBS. Watch the live feeds yourself at CBS.

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