Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH And Who's Nominated?

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Well, Cliff Hogg III certainly has a lot of updates to share in his next too-loud morning message. He was blindsided by the Big Brother 21 live eviction on July 18, 2019, figuring Nicole Anthony would be evicted. But Cliff only spent about 10 minutes as part of the Camp Comeback twist before easily winning his way right back into the game.

After Thursday's show ended, the live feeds were filled with outgoing Head of Household Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang trying to figure out what happened, as the rest of Gr8ful did damage control and tried to play off the changed vote as a miscommunication.

After that, the next HoH competition played out very late Thursday/early Friday.

Cliff won HoH.

Yes, it's a big week for Cliff. So who did he nominate? The Nomination Ceremony was held late Friday afternoon, and we'll see it play out in Sunday's July 21 show. Here's who Cliff put on the block:

Nominees: Jack and Jackson/MichieTarget: Jack? Seems that way. God bless Cliff. Who knew he was the hero BB21 needed? A legend. He nominated the Jacks. Our crops are thriving. The evil may indeed be defeated.Power of Veto winner: Jackson.

UPDATE: Here's more on the Veto win and what it might mean for Christie's power.

This was the first week of BB21 where it wasn't entirely clear in advance who was going on the block and who would be the target. However, by late Friday afternoon -- before the Nomination Ceremony -- Cliff did tell Nicole he was leaning toward Jack Matthews as a target. (Praise Zingbot!)

Earlier, Cliff told Jessica Milagros that people who have been on the block so far shouldn't have to worry this week. So that would rule out Jess, Kathryn Dunn, and Nicole. It's also unlikely Nick would take out his buddy Sam Smith, who saved Cliff from the block in the first week.

Cliff did tell the camera there are targets in the house now, and we're going to play a slightly different game for this week. That was a hopeful sign.

Tommy Bracco -- who is fake as hell but really good at communication and damage control -- had talked to Cliff before the HoH comp to try and smooth over the eviction. No one expected Cliff to walk right back into the house. Cliff said he's not a guy to make big moves, and if Nicole had gone home and he won HoH, he would probably have put up Kat and Jess. Cliff may have been lying, or he may have been honestly saying what he would have done if the group hadn't betrayed him. Things are different now.

Jackson Michie is dying to get Nick and Bella out, and even volunteered to be a pawn on the block, next to Nick or someone. (He hoped Nick or Bella.) Christie Murphy thought she was going on the block -- this paranoia may become a weekly thing with her. She should be targeted. Still, most of the house knows that she has the Diamond Power of Veto to take someone off the block at Veto and nominate a replacement.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Cliff told Jess and Kat that he was considering Christie and Tommy, and Jack and Analyse Talavera as nominee options. However, Cliff added that he might not nominate Christie now that he knows she has the Diamond Veto. Cliff wisely noted that Tommy is going to get very far because everyone loves him. He suggested Tommy could go on the block without being the main target. Cliff was at least weighing the option of Jack as a target as of Friday morning, but he hadn't settled on anything at that point. He also discussed maybe nominating Jack and Sis or Jack and Michie -- since Jackson Michie not only volunteered as a pawn, he did banish Cliff back in Week 1.

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Gr8ful tried to make it clear that most of the house wants Nick and Bella out, to try and sway Cliff in that direction. Cliff was not feeling swayed. But Christie has her Veto power to save herself, or Jack, or Michie, or Tommy, or whoever she wants. It can be used for the next three weeks. Jack also has a Veto player redraw power that can be used for longer, but it's not as much help.

The Power of Veto competition was held Saturday, and then the Veto Ceremony should be Monday to lock in the final nominees before the Thursday, July 25 live eviction.

Who do you HOPE gets evicted? I love that Jack is next to Michie and Christie may have to sweat it out over saving one of them -- which one? -- or saving the Veto power for herself. It's about time Gr8ful was in the hot seat, so I'm cautiously optimistic. That said, Christie could take off one of her minions and replace them with someone close to Cliff, like Nicole, and the majority might still vote out Nicole. That would suck. It might be more likely that Christie would replace one of her people with Nick or Bella, though. It may not even come into play this week, we'll see.

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