Who Is The 'Gracious' Arrow Star Stephen Amell Just Teased As Returning For Season 8?

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Arrow star Stephen Amell has been the fans' MVP over the years of the show. He's advocated for the same things many have wanted to see, been gracious to the cast and crew and, when he can, teased some exciting things for audiences to look forward to. With regard to the latter, Amell was back on his teasing game once again as he revealed he's working with a guest star that wasn't previously expected to return for the final season.

So, who is the guest star? Unfortunately, Stephen Amell wasn't willing to spoil the reveal for fans, but perhaps there's a clue to be found in his actual statement given in a video uploaded to his Instagram:

I would really like to thank the guest star that I can't talk about, that I'm pretty sure hasn't been announced. But they were wonderful and they were very gracious to come back. I thought that we shared some wonderful moments together.

It appears that whoever is coming back to Arrow in Season 8 is someone who has shared some moments with Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen, or both. The gut instinct by many may be to assume that The CW (or Amell) convinced Emily Bett Rickards to return for another episode or two, although Rickards seemed pretty adamant that she was done. Who else had a solid relationship with Oliver but isn't expected to be around for Season 8?

Willa Holland seems like a solid possibility, as Oliver's sister Thea Queen hasn't been seen since her sudden exit in Season 6. Arrow fans got an update on Thea in Season 7 as Roy explained she's alive and well and tracking the rest of the Lazarus Pits to destroy them. Would she be willing to return to help send off the series?

There's also the possibility of a villain returning, such as Slade Wilson or Malcolm Merlyn. It's no secret fans have wanted Manu Bennett and John Barrowman back on Arrow at any given point, but various circumstances have gotten in the way of any type of reunion. Either one returning would be a joy, although this would truly be a special final season if both Bennett and Barrowman were to make an appearance.

Perhaps there's some clue to be spotted in his Instagram video, which features Stephen Amell snuggling up to some plush toy. Check it out, and get some extra insight on what Amell had to say about the final season as a bonus.

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What does it all mean? Is he just trolling, or is the stuffed animal some legitimate clue as to who he may be referring to?

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Arrow fans will get the answer to all their Season 8 questions soon enough as The CW series is set to return this October. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for details on the final season and for other things happening in the world of television and movies.

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