Mayans M.C. Star On Charlie Hunnam Appearing As Sons Of Anarchy's Jax: 'I Don't See Why' Not

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Each year that passes is another nail in the fictional coffin of Sons of Anarchy's Jax Teller, but fans' hope has never died surrounding the potential for Charlie Hunnam's fallen (anti)hero to make a return in the hit spinoff Mayans M.C. Such hopeful fans have a likeminded friend in series star Emilio Rivera, whose O.G. Sons of Anarchy character Marcus Álvarez is heading down quite a different path in Season 2. Because yes, Rivera is definitely down to welcome Hunnam's Jax back.

Speaking with CinemaBlend at the Television Critics Association's 2019 summer press tour, an energized Emilio Rivera had nothing but great things to say about what's coming to Mayans M.C. in its second season on FX. The actor maintained his his enthusiasm when I asked what he thought about the show bringing Charlie Hunnam back for a scene (or however much they wanted him back for). In Rivera's words:

That would be really cool to work with Charlie again. That'd be great. I love Charlie, man. I don't see why that couldn't happen. Because they're doing flashbacks already; I mean, they have had them. On Sons, we never had a flashback. I don't think Kurt liked the flashbacks, but now we're putting them in.

While several of Sons of Anarchy's various narratives were indeed steeped in tainted family legacies and characters with problematic pasts, most of that information was imparted to viewers through present-day conversations, journal-writings, photographs and more. As Emilio Rivera put it, S.o.A. creator Kurt Sutter just didn't want to use and/or rely on flashbacks when telling the story of SAMCRO's leadership changes over the years.

In fact, Sons of Anarchy's avoidance of flashbacks allowed for Kurt Sutter to entertain the idea of doing a presumably short-living prequel drama focusing on The First 9, the group of bikers that initially started the Sons of Anarchy MC. So, clearly, Sutter knows his way around Sons' history, and I would love it if he and Mayans M.C. co-creator Elgin James could find the perfect way to allow Jax Teller just ONE more scene to live and breathe and very likely doom another character. (That prequel could still happen, too.)

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Continuing, Emilio Rivera said he's a fan of dipping back into characters' pasts:

Me, I like flashbacks, you dig what I'm saying? That kind of brings that universe back to ours, and it's kind of cool. And rightfully so, because they're part of our world. We're part of theirs, and they could be part of ours.

Obviously, Emilio Rivera's Marcus Álvarez wasn't part of SAMCRO proper, since he long held the title of president of the Mayans MC, but he's the biggest crossover character connecting Mayans and Sons of Anarchy. His storyline will only get deeper and bloodier as his relationship with Danny Pino's Miguel Galindo and Sarah Bolger's Emily Galindo becomes more complicated. (Among other things that will get complicated.) Had Álvarez been the only crossover character, then the hypothetical conversations about Charlie Hunnam's Jax would be that much more far-fetched.

But, Kurt Sutter and showrunner Elgin James designed the core Mayans M.C. tragedy – the death of EZ and Angel's mother – in a way that very directly looped back around to SAMCRO, and kept the clubs tied together in other ways, also. Which meant a surprising amount of other Sons of Anarchy cameos and recurring appearances from Morchael "Chucky" Ornstein, Robert "Les Packer" Patrick, Ray "Lincoln Potter" McKinnon, and David "Happy" Labrava. (He might not be so happy by the end of the second season, amirite?) They even introduced a new prospect.

The point is, Mayans M.C.'s flashback sequences aren't the only element that allows a sensible route for Charlie Hunnam to reappear as Jax Teller. It'd be silly to think Sutter and James would reverse course and wholly refrain from using Sons of Anarchy characters and references, so let's hope the web connecting these two shows snowballs and eventually does welcome Hunnam back to his signature franchise. (You know, since he's not in the 50 Shades flicks.)

Of course, this is all even assuming Charlie Hunnam would want to do it, since he already said goodbye to Jax before, and it might not be the easiest thing to return to. But, hopefully, it could be if they nail the flashback, which would have to bring Katey Sagal back for a second Mayans cameo as Gemma Teller.

Since it might be an extended wait for that to happen, take comfort in knowing Mayans M.C. Season 2 will be returning to FX in the very near future. Check out the premiere episode on (Teller) Tuesday, September 3, at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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