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Could Mayans M.C.'s New Sons Of Anarchy Character Show Up More In Season 2?

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Spoilers below for the Mayans M.C. season finale, so be sure to watch before reading on.

Fans expected FX's Mayans M.C. to features important tie-ins with Kurt Sutter's original series Sons of Anarchy, but the Season 1 finale went next-level in connecting the two shows. Beyond looping SAMCRO into the Reyes matriarch's death, "Cuervo/Tz'ikb'uul" also introduced a new S.O.A. club prospect named Hallorann. The beer-seeking character was played by Ray Nicholson, son of Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson. Such star status should cement his place in Season 2, right? According to Kurt Sutter, signs point to yes.

He would be around.

The reason why Kurt Sutter uses "would" instead of "will" is presumably because Season 2's narrative hasn't been set in stone just yet. Speaking with EW, Kurt Sutter says that Ray Nicholson's Hallorann would be around in Season 2 presuming the Mayans club will continue to work with Charming's Sons of Anarchy. So mark this under "likely to happen, but in no certain terms."

As part of the Mayans' deal with the Galindo cartel, SAMCRO will be overseeing one leg of the drug-running process. Logic would dictate the Sons being around in a big way because of that deal, right? Perhaps not so much, and it's all because of Hallorann's connection with David Labrava's Sons of Anarchy fan favorite Happy Lowman.

Viewers learned in the finale that Happy was responsible for killing E.Z. and Angel's mom, so he's the one the younger Reyes sibling has been tracking all season. It was while chasing Happy down that E.Z. was called out to by the cop that he impulsively pulled the trigger on, sending him to prison. As such, there are no guarantees that E.Z. or Angel will want anything to do with Happy or Hallorann in Season 2.

Son of Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard, Ray Nicholson landed the Mayans M.C. gig because of his own connection with Kurt Sutter. And the way the co-creator puts it, the experience might have been an overwhelming one for the burgeoning actor.

We're buddies. I'm mentoring him. He's such a sweet kid who's a really good actor. And it was so fun for him. He doesn't know the world, right? I think it was more about the experience of putting on that kutte and hanging out with those guys for a night. It was just an education for him. He walked away from that night saying, 'I am such a pussy.'

Even there, Kurt Sutter didn't quite seem to be solidifying any assertions that Ray Nicholson's SAMCRO prospect will be present and accounted for in Season 2. Maybe that's just Sutter's way of keeping us on our toes when thinking about how E.Z. is going to handle his new look on life.

Having just chosen to remain a Mayan by finding a new sponsor, E.Z. either has to completely ignore the Happy situation, or figure out a way to take care of it in the most clandestine way possible. Which, for all intents and purposes, could mean he'd need to find out some personal information about Happy from a certain curly-haired SAMCRO hopeful.

As one of the more popular new cable shows of 2018, Mayans M.C. will be the subject of much discussion as Kurt Sutter and showrunner Elgin James mold Season 2 into shape. While waiting to hear about when the FX hit will return, familiarize yourself with the rest of the fall TV premiere schedule to find more bangs for your buck.

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