Could America's Got Talent Have A Magician Win Two Years In A Row?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for America's Got Talent through August 6. Read at your own risk!

America's Got Talent is well into its Judge Cuts for Season 14, and we've already seen some really talented folks get a guaranteed ticket to the live rounds. With that said, only a few have really shown that spark they're capable of winning this whole competition, and in what may come as a surprise, there's a magician leading the pack yet again. Could a magic man end up taking the NBC talent competition two seasons in a row?

It certainly feels that way, as Eric Chien took the stage once again and put on yet another show-stopping performance by making some coins disappear. It sounds simple, but just wait and see how this guy melted the minds of the audience and judges with his impressive magic act.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Eric Chien found out at the end of the episode that he will be moving on to the live rounds. Granted, it wasn't as sure of a thing as that performance would've implied, as Chien was the only magic act out of three in his group to advance. The reason, surprisingly enough, was that last year's winner Shin Lim set the bar for magic so high, the judges didn't believe too many magicians would go far in the next round.

As unfair as that may be to make that assumption, Simon Cowell did make a good point in regards to Eric Chien's act. While Chien's close-up magic and tabletop tricks have been nothing short of breath-taking, one has to wonder how that will translate to a big professional show. Big magic shows have tricks both big and small, and so far in this competition, we haven't seen Chien pursue any magic tricks that use more of the stage.

America may not think Eric Chien needs anything more than what we've seen so far, but there's no denying something a bit bigger would play to his benefit in the latter stages of the competition. While America's Got Talent tends to value magicians, not as much as it has valued singers. With a lot of talented singers already appearing in the live shows, perhaps Chien does need to bring something big and flashy to the next round.

With all of that said, it's hard to imagine that after this latest round and his stunning audition round that Eric Chien isn't capable of bringing something else to the table that isn't just as impressive as what he's done thus far. If he can stay consistent and continue to perform at his highest level, he's got a great shot at making the late stages of this competition and could very well end up winning America's Got Talent Season 14.

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