Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Veto And Will It Be Used?

Big Brother Kat cries to Cliff after losing Veto comp 2019 CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

You know it's a weird week on Big Brother 21 when fans were rooting for Jackson Michie to win Veto. Didn't work, but still. What a world.

It's a big week in general. Tommy Bracco is Head of Household. His ally Christie Murphy -- whom he knew before he entered the Big Brother 2019 house, because she dated his aunt for seven years -- is on the block. Tommy did not put her there. Christie is the third nominee from America's Field Trip. Tommy's two nominees are Cliff Hogg III and Kathryn Dunn.

The Power of Veto competition was held, as usual, on Saturday late afternoon/evening. It was OTEV! The Veto players were HoH Tommy; nominees Kat, Cliff, and Christie; plus Jackson and Nick Maccarone. Tommy won the Veto.

Tommy won Big Brother 2019 Veto CBS

UPDATE: It's official. During Monday's Veto Ceremony, Tommy used the Power of Veto on Christie. There was no replacement. Cliff or Kat will be evicted on Thursday. Sad.

Back to previous post:

Tommy is almost certain to take Christie off the block. I was assuming he'd have to replace her, but apparently that's not the case. The third nominee appears to have been a one-shot deal with no replacement. (Another waste of a twist.) Still, if Tommy got to replace Christie, I would imagine he'd have replaced her with Nicole Anthony or Jessica Milagros. I don't want to lose Nicole, and Jess deserves our loyalty after successfully getting Jack out. Moot points, though, since it sounds like it'll be Cliff vs. Kat -- unless a miracle happens.

So, our wish of Christie going home on Tommy's HoH appears to be ruined. Appears, though. What if Tommy realizes his game is better off without her and makes a move? Would he? Time to "manifest" a Christie blindside!

After the comp, Kat was crying -- and not because she knew she was Tommy's target for eviction. She felt bad because she apparently raced ahead of Cliff to take his spot in the OTEV comp. He didn't blame her, and his injuries were from something else. Cliff was already injured even before the comp, so this just made it worse. Not sure if Cliff is the most powerful player right now, but he's probably the most beat up.

Nick didn't win Veto, and I'm curious how hard he tried. I don't trust Both Sides Nick as far as I could type his name in this story, but right after Friday's field trip competition, Nick swore up and down to Christie that if he won Veto, he'd take her off the block.

Cliff's Angels -- plus Jackson and Holly Allen -- wanted Christie gone. Analyse "Sis" Talavera has been trying to convince Jackson to work with Christie. Jackson and Christie can't stand each other, but Sis's argument was that Christie is a target of the other side of the house. With Christie gone, she said they would turn on Michie as a threat. (I bet they'd turn on Sis first.)

But Jackson and Holly were just fine with voting out Christie. So, many fans ended up hoping Jackson would win the Veto so he'd keep the nominations the same. Christie would be voted out, and someone like Nicole wouldn't go up on the block as a replacement for anyone and potentially be voted out. (Nicole told Cliff she was hoping Tommy would take down Kat or Cliff and replace one of them with Holly. If Jackson was a target, why not take out his #1 when he's safe? But it sounds like Kat was always Tommy's target.)

Instead, Tommy won both HoH and Veto and has all the power this week. However, he can't vote for eviction. Kat may be his target, but Cliff also upset Jack's buddies by not taking that deal to save him last week. Plus, Cliff is injured. Stay tuned for the Veto Ceremony on Monday to confirm whether Tommy takes Christie off the block or not, and to see if The House decides to vote out Kat or Cliff. We were so close!

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