Big Brother Spoilers: Is Cliff The Most Powerful Player Now?

Cliff Hogg III Big Brother

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

It wasn't all that long ago that Cliff Hogg III was looking like the weakest member of Big Brother. He was banished at the season's start, just barely clawed his way back into the house after winning Camp Comeback, and even then was considered a non-controversial target for elimination upon his return. Then he won the HoH, survived long enough to get the heat off him, and now in light of recent events Cliff may be Season 21's most powerful player.

It's a situation that's more or less fallen into his lap, as Cliff's constant preaching to the underdogs that the six shooters alliance would implode finally came to be. Then, Jessica Milagros won the HoH and put Jack and Jackson up for elimination, and Cliff's long-running wish to eliminate Jack finally looks like it may come true. Cliff's wish to send home the controversial Jack Matthews keeps him in good standing with at least half the house alone, who all want him gone as well.

But what if, by some miracle, Jack stays and Jackson is ousted from Big Brother? Well, Jack was recently heard on the live feeds doing all he can to win favor with Cliff, which included revealing the knowledge that Kat knew about the vote against him. Cliff didn't seem swayed either way by the information, but told Jack he may be able to use that info to drive a wedge between Jess and Kat. Promising nothing, but suggesting an alternate play to take pressure off himself? That's gameplay ladies and gentlemen.

Also, let's not forget Cliff was one of the first people to talk to Michie after the Six Shooter blow up, and made it known he's in his corner. That loyalty could put him in good with that trio (Holly, Jackson, Kat), which means he's practically untouchable by two major groups unless he does something as controversial as the things he did "before the wife."

Cliff's relatively safe for next week for sure, as it seems Nick Maccarone may get himself on the block by his obvious playing of both sides. Meanwhile, Cliff is on the sidelines as the head of Cliff's Angels and making quiet suggestions without asserting himself so much that people think he's running the show.

Hell, he may not be, but a lot of things seem to be working out the way he's wanted at the moment. And with no one with their sights set on him currently, Cliff's Angels could knock out a couple more key players before anyone immediately realizes he's someone who could end up winning this competition. Okay, maybe it's a little too soon for that talk, but Cliff's looking pretty strong at the moment.

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