Big Brother Spoilers: Thanks To Field Trip, Christie May Go Home On Tommy's HoH

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Happy birthday, Tommy Bracco? The good news, for him and anyone actually rooting for him on Big Brother 21, is that he won the Head of Household competition at the end of the Thursday, August 8, 2019 live show -- right after Julie's awkward talk with Jack. The bad news for Tommy is that he does not have complete control over his HoH, and he's not happy about the third nominee for eviction.

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Tommy won the HoH comp on his birthday, and he was thrilled. He was also lucky, since members of Cliff's Angels had talked about targeting Tommy next. Kat Dunn even openly asked who was the bigger threat, Christie Murphy or Tommy. Cliff Hogg III and Jess Milagros both said Tommy. They want to break up Christie and Tommy, with Cliff calling them the smartest players in the game.

Well, Tommy isn't going anywhere this week. He's HoH. However, because of the America's Field Trip twist, he had the surprise addition of an extra nominee on the block. I'm not going to pretend I didn't give an evil smile at the thought of the frustration he'll surely hide behind his forced smile.

The field trip vote ended at noon ET on Friday, August 9. Shortly after that, the live feeds went down for several hours. It was rightly assumed that the houseguests were being told about the field trip, with the three players heading out to compete. Here are the results:

Who won the field trip competition? Jackson MichieWho lost the field trip competition? Christie MurphyWho was safe, aka second place? Analyse "Sis" TalaveraWho is nominated? The Nomination Ceremony was held later on Friday, and Tommy nominated Cliff and Kat. Christie is the third nominee, thanks to the field trip.Tommy's target: Kat. That's the name Tommy has told multiple people. We'll see if it changes at some point, or if he says something different in the Diary Room.Power of Veto: The Veto comp was held Saturday (8/10), as usual. UPDATE: Here's who won Veto and if it will be used. It was OTEV!

The results of the field trip needed to be known before or right during the Nomination Ceremony -- which is held on Fridays and shown Sundays -- so that HoH Tommy knew which HGs he could and could not nominate. Right after the comp was over, Christie was crying (of course) and Nick Maccarone was going on and on about how he's going to win the Veto on Saturday and he'll take Christie off the block. Do you believe him?

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Before the results of the Field Trip, Tommy had been eyeing Kat as his target, saying he thought he might nominate Cliff and Kat, with Kat as the target, but OK with either one leaving. Tommy also told Analyse Talavera he was considering putting Nicole Anthony up in Cliff’s place at the end of the week, because Kat may not go home over Cliff. Sis wasn't sure about that -- she and Christie had both said, before the HoH comp, that Cliff would be their target. They were pissed at Cliff for not going along with the deal to save Jack. Tommy later told Nick he wasn't going to put up Nicole, because Nicole is close to Nick. But Tommy also seems onto Nick's both-sides nonsense, because it's pretty darn obvious.

But Tommy is doing his own thing, and you'll recall that he voted to evict Jack himself. Tommy wants to stay with the majority. Tommy wants to be on the side of The House. Tommy wants to stay in good with just about everyone, if possible.

Tommy also said he wasn't going to run ideas by anyone this week, before talking to Sis and others anyway, but I'm curious to see what he says in the Diary Room. Tommy is not exactly a straight shooter. He is a salesman, and I'm not going to 100% buy his plan until I hear it from his own mouth in the DR.

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