YA Hit One Of Us Is Lying Now Heading To Streaming As A TV Show

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Young adult hit One of Us Is Lying is heading to streaming as a TV show. Karen M. McManus’ bestselling novel is getting the adaptation treatment, and it is not heading to the home of 13 Reasons Why. McManus’ book has received a pilot order from NBCUniversal’s upcoming service. Prepare for some Pretty Little Liars vibes!

The future home of The Office has ordered it. Yes, NBCUniversal can still afford it after everything it spent to get that show off of Netflix. One of Us Is Lying is a far cry from the comedy. It is a young adult thriller with a captivating premise that spells an intriguing mystery.

The book has been described as “The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars,” per Deadline. So, there is no need to shy away from the parallels between the movie and the book series turned long-running television show. How do they and One of Us Is Lying connect?

In it and Pretty Little Liars, high school students find themselves embroiled in the mysterious death of one of their own. One of Us Is Lying tells the tale of five strangers walking into detention together. Before the day is done, only four of them walk out alive. Wait, what? Yes.

Those among the living not only share still being able to breathe in common. They are all also suspects in their fellow student’s mysterious demise. Further complicating matters is that each of them has something to hide.

In the novel, the person who dies in One of Us Is Lying is the creator of a gossip app, an aspect that brings to mind some serious Gossip Girl feels, and just in time for the reboot. Nothing deadly ended up befalling “gossip girl,” though.

Based on the plot, One of Us Is Lying sounds like a limited series. Then again, HBO’s Big Little Lies was supposed to be one of them, and it ended up coming back for a second season. You just never know on television.

One of Us Is Lying is currently in the pilot stages with it just getting ordered. It may or may not get picked up to series. Instinct’s Erica Saleh is writing it. Considering the popularity of other young adult adaptations, including 13 Reasons Why, I'll be surprised if it does not get the green-light.

It sounds like a self-contained binge that viewers of similar fare will be just as eager to watch. If it does get picked up, excited book fans may have a while to wait before seeing One of Us Is Lying’s adaptation. NBCUniversal’s streaming service is not set to launch until April of 2020.

Given that it is the streaming service’s first official pilot order, it bodes well for its release window, presuming it gets picked up. In the meantime, fans of the book should be able to look forward to casting news eventually making the rounds.

While you await word on One of Us Is Lying's future, the truth is there are many fall premieres to look forward too.

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